Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A child's testimony

It touched my heart how sweet and close to the Savior Noah is. We just got home from the public invited dress rehearsal of the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple.  Elizabeth came with me and the kids because Sean has his meeting at the church on Tuesdays. Miss Rebekah fell asleep at the beginning of the pageant and slept until the very end when the music gets louder. She loved watching the angels dance and her face lit up with excitment. Noah loved the whole experience and I loved watching it with him. It becomes a whole new experience watching something you have seen a dozens of times growing up and as an adult and then watching it with your child. 

While Jesus was being baptized by John the Baptist Noah asks what's happening. I tell him "Jesus is getting baptized." He replies " he is getting baptized, I can do that too! I can go up there and get baptized with him!" He then proceeded to try and walk up to the stage. Haha. I had to put him on my lap and whisper that he can get baptized later. Not now but when he is older. He is so excited to get baptized like Jesus someday. While Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane Noah whispers to me "Jesus is praying right now. Is he praying for us?"  Then when Jesus was being put on the cross Noah says in such a heart felt cry "oh no, oh no mommy! Jesus is sad. He is so sad." I told him yes but he is going to come back to life. He will be risen. When he sees Jesus again Noah says "Jesus is alive again! He came back to life. He came back for us! He came back for us mommy !" 

I love that his testimony is growing. I love that he has such a love for Jesus. I hope all of us can strive to have faith and love as a little child. I learn from Noah everyday on how to treat others, how to show my love, how to be like Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to be his and Rebekah's mother. I'm going to keep praying I do what's right and raise them to always love The Lord. I hope they stay strong and keep their testimonies as true as they are now. Being a mom is the best. 

Noah and Rebekah with their favorite angel Kara :) 

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