Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Fun

Mothers Day was wonderful! Saturday Sean took me out on the most fun date we have had in a while.
We first went to Charlestons for dinner. That place is a little pricey but so worth the deliciousness. They have amazing rolls with honey drizzled on top. Its 10 times better than Texas Roadhouse. Haha. Then after dinner we went to Brunswick for bowling and games. I always thought I didn't like bowling so sean and I had never been. I went for a friends wedding party and I actually liked it and did pretty well. So I told Sean and he decided to take me again. Turns out he loves bowling! Also we are both obnoxiously competitive haha. We were getting in each other's faces and doing victory dances and smiles. He won two out of the three games. Lame. I will beat him next time. Then we had a blast playing the arcade games. We won three cheap gifts for the kids. It was so nice to be out with my honey being silly and talking and just having a good time. 

Mother's Day was great as well. I got to sleep in and then was woken up by my sweet littles and Sean with a lovely card. Noah gave me hot Cheetos for my gift haha. My gift from Sean was my awesome date. I'm not into flowers or stuffed animals. Then we went to church, went to Sean's moms house and talked to Seth on his mission and then saw my mom and family. It was a wonderful weekend :). I love my family. <3

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