Saturday, April 30, 2011

Action Packed Friday!

Yesterday was full of up's and down's and very busy. No it has nothing to do with the Royal Wedding. Which p.s. my wedding was much more pretty and so was my dress. Also my prince was much more handsome :) Just sayin'. So anyhow on to the news of our day. I was camera happy so I took pictures of like everything! First after I got off work Sean and I went to Burger King for a delicious hamburger. I crave hamburgers and veggies all the time lately. Then we made our way out to the farmers market. Let me tell you a secret: I AM IN LOVE WITH THE FARMERS MARKET! Its true. Every time we go there I am amazed at all we get for such a low price. This time as we walked out of the store to our car I said "Man I feel like we just stole all of this!" That's how cheap everything was. (Random note you should all know, Noah loves blogging. How can I tell? He is doing flips in my belly right now haha)We got all this stuff below for only..... wait for it...... $19.01

This is our amazing steal of a buy. Banana's, Strawberries, Carrots, Oranges, Apples, Grapes, Brocclii, Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, and Snow Peas.

 Then after the market we were going to go to Fry's for our other grocery shopping needs but my Mom called and invited us to her ward party that was starting in the next couple of minutes. Free food and family! Of course we accepted. She also told me that Gpa Roland, her daddy, is in the hospital again. He was admitted that morning for pneumonia. That is the third time in two months. Sean decided to cut his hair before going to the party so he could look all man pretty. Lol those are naturally my words not his. I even got to help get the back of his head for him which was a first for me. I've always been afraid to cut a guys hair because I didn't want to mess it up. This cut was quite easy though. He basically shaved all of his hair off, which isn't that much to begin with haha.
My Sexy Husband Man
Me doing his neckline

All the hair that used to be on his head

Right before Sean finished with his new hair cut mom called again and informed us of more bad news. She said that dad had been in a car accident and was being brought to the hospital. She was already at the party and dad told her to stay there and he would call her if he needed her to come to him. He was all the way out in Phoenix. Mom said she really needed someone to be with her right now so Sean and I rushed to her. We got there and comforted her. Soon the rest of the family showed up as well. Amanda, Corey, Cortney, Andrea. Justin was already there with mom. Mom said that she thinks dad was ok and that he said to just stay at the party and have fun. We could all tell that she was still worried. We all stayed and enjoyed ourselves. Dad ended up coming towards the end of the party. He was shook up and has swollen wrist which might be broken or sprained. He truck is totaled. Here is how the accident happened: He was going straight and the light has just turned yellow as he was in the intersection and another car made a left turn right into his truck. He air bag deployed and hit his right hand.

Here are some pictures of the party

Myrna & Will one of our favorite married couple friends

Sitting and watching the show

Dad showed up and first thing he wanted was to hold Cortney girl

Amanda helping Cortney to learn to dance like a Tongan
After the party mom took Corey and Sean to the hospital to give Gpa a blessing. We all went back to my parents house. Then when they got home Corey and Sean have dad a blessing. I think this may be a recurring theme but let me just say again how much I love the priesthood. Our family has been having a lot of trials come at us and I know the only way we make it through it all is the love of family and our Heavenly Father and his wonderful power on earth, the Priesthood.
Our next adventure for the night was the rest of the grocery shopping. Andrea Sean and I went to Walmart and got the rest of the food for the month. We originally wanted to go to Fry's but by the time we had a chance to go it was already closed. I just wanted to get the shopping out of the way plus we really needed milk so we had to go that night. It was a complete success and we got more than what was on our list and even better news we stayed within our budget!! I feel so blessed lately. I know Heavenly Father is always eager to bless us but it seems this past month I have recognized it more in my life.  We are by no means rich with money but we are rich with blessings. We have been able to some how pay our bills and have money left over for savings and lots of fun things. Plus even with all the crazyness with Cortney going to the hospital, gpa going in and out of the hospital, dad's accident, Andrea's car dying I know that it will all work out for the best. We will pull together as a family and get through it.

Today our plans consist of: Sean being at work til 3pm or 7pm, just depends on when they let him leave. I'm going to clean the house, go to the library with Justin and Kirby. We are going to make it a regular activity every other Saturday. It will be a good time for Justin and I to bond more and help him get back into the hobby of reading. Then I have a massage at 4pm (I know I said no more massages til Noah is born but this is for a client/friend I've been massaging for 2 years now and he is moving to LA in a couple weeks) and then when Sean gets off work we will go to Target to buy a pantry hutch so we can organize our food storage we will be starting soon. Then who knows what the rest of the evening will bring us. Til next time. Have a great day!  :)


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