Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Noah loves his Daddy

I was reading online about the development of Noah in my belly and how things are going with the little guy. I read a paragraph about how his senses are getting stronger and he can hear more clearly now. Also that he has recognition of what those noise are, like voices and who they belong to. I told Sean that I really wanted Noah to already know him when he was born. Noah is of course going to recognise my voice. I talk all day anyway and I spend a lot of time just talking to my belly when I'm home. Sean agreed that he wanted Noah to know daddy so he has recently began talking to my belly more often. He had done so a handful of times before but now he is making a point to do it every day. Last night Brittney Haynes was over and she wanted to feel Mr Noah kick but he was asleep or something because there was absolutely no movement going on. Sean came and laid his head on my belly and started talking to Noah and immediately the wiggling began :) It excited Brittney to feel him move (this was the first time she felt him) and it excited me because that meant he was recognizing his daddy! Sean was super excited for the reaction as well. I love the moments listening to Sean talk to our little baby man. He is just so sweet and cute and funny with Noah. He asks him if he is having fun swimming in mommy's belly, asks him if he enjoyed the food mommy supplies for him, tells him how much he loves him, tells him of all the plans we have for him when he comes, how happy and anxious we all are to finally meet him. Its just precious time I will always cherish. I know Sean will be such a loving and wonderful daddy. He already is <3
Daddy talks :)

I'll be 26 weeks in 2 days. Its going by so fast. I can't wait to have little Noah here.
Me in my ratty pj's showing my growing belly

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