Monday, April 4, 2011

Conference Weekend! and Working Mama

Conference was this past weekend and it was glorious! I always look forward to conference and the talks I know are going to feel like they were written just for me. I'm sure a lot of people feel the same. As if God helped the speaker know what to say just to help me out with the trials, situations, and decisions I personally have going on in my life. I know that our Heavenly Father has all of us each individually in mind as He inspires and prompts the chosen speakers in writing their talks. Its amazing how each person can take something different from one talk that will help them. Even one little line from a talk can be helpful in many different ways for each individual. I just love the Gospel and the love our Heavenly Father and His chosen leaders have for all of us! Sean and I and Andrea went to Elizabeth's house (Mama Howell) to watch the conference session on Saturday. Seth, Jimmy, Ondalynn and Elizabeth were all there as well and one of Onda's friends joined us for the morning session. We were provided with a delicious waffle, bacon, egg and potato breakfast which made our tummies very happy. This year there seemed to be a theme of paying attention to children and being like a child in a lot of the talks. Also I noticed a strong theme about the welfare program the Church has. Makes sense seeing that it is the 75 anniversary of the program this year. If you would like to listen or read any of the talks given here is the link  April 2011 General Conference 

I really enjoyed Elder Quentin L. Cook's talk. He talked about the importance of women in the Church and the role they have in families. The part that seemed like it was just for me was when he mentioned working mothers and stay at home mothers. He said that it was good to stay at home but also that we can't judge others because there are other situations that don't permit that. This isn't at all a direct quote. The text of the talk isn't available until Thursday. When it is I will be reading it again. It stuck out to me because I have been struggling with the idea of going back to work after my maternity leave is up. Sean and I have prayed about it and we both know that it is what we need to do so that he can go to school full time and get done sooner. Even so, its really difficult for me to think about leaving my baby for 8 hours a day Monday- Friday. I know that he will be safe and well taken care of by my mom while I am at work but still its not something I am looking forward to. In fact I feel guilty knowing that I will be at work while I really want more than anything to be home taking care of him but that due to lack of money I have to work. ***Sigh*** Alas it is what needs to happen at least for now, so that is the decision we have come to. I will work full time while Sean works part time and goes to school full time. My work schedule isn't as bad as some working mom's though so that I am very grateful for. I never work weekends and I tend to get off early most days. I just have to keep telling myself it won't be that bad and its only for a couple years at the most. Maybe we can figure something out so that I can be a stay at home mama sooner like Sean and I both want. We will see.

Sunday we watched conference with my family at my parents house. It was more loud there and therefore a bit harder to pay attention as intently as we did on Saturday. Tonight for FHE we are going to watch the talks we missed due to a rambunctious group, haha. One of the cute-est things ever happened last night. Cortney (my 15 month old niece) put her hand on my belly and felt Noah kick. It scared her so she didn't like it the first time. Amanda (her mom) kept pointing to my belly and saying "Noah is in there, your cousin Noah is in Auntie Deana's belly" And my mom and dad kept feeling Noah kick. He was very active that day. So then Cortney would poke my belly and say "Hi" very excitedly and then laugh. She was so adorable. She even would pull my shirt up throughout the night and kiss me belly and say "Noah". I loved it! She is already such a sweet older cousin. So that was our weekend. Full of learning and family fun. We are planning a girls night and a boys night for Friday. More details on that to come.

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