Saturday, October 29, 2011

Again with the Breaking House!!

Warning: This is a ranting post but it needs to be said.

Due to events at the house we are renting we have come to the decision that we will NEVER own or rent an old house EVER again! Its seriously ridiculous. Its like the house has an evil vendetta against us and all the appliances and parts to the house have a pact to break one after the other. Kay maybe its not an evil house but it is an old and yucky one. What has caused this rant to come? I'll tell ya.

The oven broke and then 2 weeks later (oven still not in working order) the hot water heater broke! Thats right, the thing that allows us to not feel like our home has turned into a 3rd world country with no hot water  :( Guess how long we have been without? 2 days?, 4 days? nope 1 week and 1 day! You may ask: Isn't there laws against landlords allowing renters to go more than 24 hours without water, heat, electricity ? If you thought yes, then you are correct. Does that matter to our landlords? Nope guess not. In the beginning our landlord/renter relationship was great. Now not so much. There has been too much going wrong. I know it's not there fault this house is falling apart. Its no ones but the evil house! But it is in their complete control to get things done in a timely manner. Instead of getting a plumber out the day the hot water heater broke they decided it would be better for THEM to have the work done for free. First they ordered a part (without consulting a professional) and left a message on Sean's voicemail that they expected him to fix it. They didn't consider that he has midterms this week and needs to study, or that he isn't comfortable doing a repair that he isn't sure if it will fix the problem in the first place. Tired of waiting for them to just send someone out to do the repair Sean put the part in. This act was to no avail because the part wasn't even what was broken. So they had their brother come out and look at it. He did, and had no clue what was wrong with it. Turns out he isn't even a repair man. How was he supposed to know what to do?

Can you tell I'm upset over this? Could you blame me? We went a week without hot water. This is not just a problem because lets face it, hot showers are like a million times better than freezing ones but also for these reasons: 1. We have a baby that needs to be bathed and not frozen 2. We have cloth diapers that need to be washed in hot water to be cleaned properly 3. Dish washers are pointless without hot water 4. We have grown accustom to having hot water on a daily basis.

We called our landlords last night and informed them that we were upset (no worries we weren't rude or anything just straight forward) We asked why a plumber wasn't just sent out last week. Their reply was that they already spent $5000 for repairs this year and want to avoid spending anymore and that they know we "probably aren't causing any of this but that its hard when they are so far away" Really? "probably aren't causing it" Do they think we like not having water? Thats just silly to say. Plus if they don't want to do repairs then they shouldn't have bought such an old house. We thought the house was so cute when we first moved in and now we know that looks are deceiving. The quaintness of the house covered up the dirty inside with corroded pipes, braking gas lines, and who knows what else. Well now a plumber was finally sent to the house yesterday and we now have hot water, finally!! I love taking hot showers :) 

I'm just happy to say that in one month we will be moving out once and for all! More on that news to come.
I feel like I should end with something happy to make up for all that ranting. Here ya go its a cute picture of our Prince Noah :)

He is just getting bigger and bigger and cuter and cuter! Our little guy can now grasp things on purpose (not just us putting things in his hands) and he focuses on our faces more and reacts to our talking. He is rolling over lots more and trying to sit up. We just love him!

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