Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Cloth Diaper Experience

We have been using cloth diapers for a couple weeks now. Here is what we think:
Noah and I love them! Even though it has added two loads a week to my laundry schedule, but I don't mind laundry. In fact its one of my favorite chores. I love how incredibly cute the diapers are. How can something a baby poops in be so darn adorable?! I don't know but they just are.

This one has giraffes on it. So fun!! So I made a post a while back about the cloth diapers we had chosen to use. Well,,, that decision has changed. The sprouts diapers are nice and we still use them sometimes but I recently found a new system of cloth diapers and bought a couple of them to try out. They are the Softbums Omni.

I love them! So now we are going to buy some more of them. They still have the elastic legs so the grow with the baby but instead of snaps it has Velcro, much easier to use at 2am. The best part is no leaks!!! With disposables and the sprouts diapers we were having a lot of leaks with our Noah bug. We have been using the new diapers for 3 days now with no blow outs or leaks. Hallelujah!  I also really like that these ones are much more slim and don't poof out as much as the others I have seen. Noah seems much more comfortable in these ones as well.

Sean's say on the diapers: Overall I like the diapers pretty well. They really aren't much more work than a disposable. My only complaints are that we have to change the diapers more often due to the fact that they are less absorbent than disposables. Also it is a little less convenient to lug the old ones around but even that isn't very bad. Overall I like them pretty well.

See good reviews all around :)  

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  1. I still want to see your diapers in person! I'm so glad that those ones are working so well. It could help me in my efforts ;)


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