Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Halloween with Noah :)

 This is our costumes for Halloween. I am proud to say that we spent a grand total of $0 on all 3 costumes. Thats right zilch, nada, nothing! Sean is a lumberjack, notice the axe in the other picture. The shirt he already owned and the suspenders we borrowed from Andrea. Noah is of course his daddy. This is my favorite costume. All we needed was a bread which I made from felt I got from my mom's sewing room and sewed to his pacifier. In case you couldn't tell what I am, I'm the sky! I know oh so very clever. I already owned the dress and leggings and with felt I got from my mom I cut out the sun and clouds and safety pinned them to myself. Last night we had our group gathering with friends again. It was a blast. Hillary and Ben planned this months. We had a trunk or treat and then went back to their house for chilli and fixings and just hung out for hours. Seeing all the fun costumes was delightful. I just love getting together with everyone.

All the mamas and our babies

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  1. You ended up with some better pictures than we did! Love them :) So much house drama everywhere, haha!


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