Thursday, November 24, 2011

Grateful Turkey

Its the Grateful Month! That's right people, time to make your lists and show your gratitude. I love Thanksgiving! Not only is it a all out fest but we get to spend time with family and remember all the many many blessings we have. So here is my grateful list.

1. I'm grateful for our sweet Noah. He brings a smile to my face every time I see him. He is growing so much and I'm grateful for a happy healthy baby. He is so darn cute!!! I just love him.

2.  I'm grateful for an Eternal Marriage. Can you believe I get to be with this guy for ever? I know, luckiest girl in the world. I just love my sweet, silly husband. I love our crazy midnight talks and laugh fests. He just makes me happy. He is patient with me and doesn't point out my many flaws. Instead he just encourages me to be better with a loving example. He takes care of me and Noah. He is a perfect father and I love seeing him love Noah.

 3. Eternal Family. We are sealed as a family forever and any other babies we are blessed with.

4. The Priesthood. It continually blesses our lives everyday

5. Family. We have such great supportive parents and siblings. They are everything to us.
We are moving in with Sean's mom next week. I am grateful that we have family willing and able to help us out in a tough situation. Its really something we need to do to save some money up so we can afford to live in an apartment afterward. With maternity leave not being fully paid for like we had planned and the car breaking and needing to be repaired and all sorts of other unexpected expenses we have found ourselves out of savings. Its scary to be living paycheck to paycheck. So moving in with family for a couple months with less rent will be a life saver for our bank account.
6. Friends that keep me motivated and laughing

7.  Our jobs. Its hard being a working mom. I miss Noah all day! But its wonderful for our bank account and being able to provide for Noah. Someday when Sean is done with school I shall be a stay at home mama. Til then I can see the blessing of working.

8. School. Sean is able to learn and prepare to have a career to support our family.

9. The Gospel. It brings answers to questions and sometimes even more questions with answers to be searched for. I'm grateful for the knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ. For His atonement and the opportunity to repent and come closer to Him.

There are many other things in my life to be grateful for but I'm satisfied with this list for now. What are you all grateful for? Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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