Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Noah and his toys

Parents can spend 100's of dollars on toys to make their children happy. There are so many toys out there these days. Toys that make noise, toys that move, toys that make help children to learn, electronic toys, plastic toys. With all that said, the best toys tend to be the ones you spent nothing on. Anything can be a toy. Pretty much anything that captures their minds and makes them have fun. I find that the more simple the toy the more imagination it takes to play with it, therefore helping in the development of their little baby minds.
Noah's first toy was mommy and daddy. We were the first thing to make him giggle and become interactive. The next toy was his hands and anyone else's hands he could get to. He is still fascinated with both but now he has another toy to play with.  You'll never guess what it is.... Ok I'll show you.

 If you guessed a DQ blizzard cup then you are correct! haha. He loves this things. Grandma Elizabeth came to watch him last night and as she was eating her ice cream Noah's eyes would follow the cup whichever direction it went. He was so intrigued by the colors and the noise it made. So Grandma washed the cup and gave it to him for a toy. Ever since he has had it in his hands. Right now as I write this he is sleeping with it in his hands so it will be ready for him when he awakes. Smart lad I know. He sits and stares at it and shakes it around and bounces it so it turns on his hand. He watches as we hit it with a spoon and tries to get himself to do it.

He also has another toy that has captured his heart. Sean named it Pumpkinpus. He is an octopus with a pumpkin head, Sean says. Noah has such fun with the different textures of fabric used for the tenticales, the crinkle fabric around his head and the bell in the head.

haha He loves to eat his pumpkinpus too. This is also a good picture to show how strong he has gotten. He sits up all the time now. He loves this new view of the world. Also, do you notice how long his legs and torso are! He is such a tall baby boy. 12lbs 26 inches long! He has his 4 month dr appointment next week. The 26th is is 4 month birthday :) Such a cutie pie.

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