Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's This Blogging Gal's Birthday!!!

That's right it was my birthday yesterday! Since I'm an adult though, I had to go to work. I could have tried to get the day off but since my birthday is next to Thanksgiving that is next to impossible. So I worked. It wasn't too bad though. I got home to a happy smiling baby and handsome husband excited to have me home :) Oh how I love them! Andrea planned a little surprise birthday party but I ruined that. haha. My bad. Sean and I were hanging out with Noah in the living room and he kept asking me to go to the bank with him or go give Noah a bath or go hang out in the bedroom but to all of his effort I kept saying "no not right now I just want to sit and relax, its my birthday" Then Andrea came home with Brittney and tried to get me to leave. That didn't work either. Finally Andrea said "heres the deal. We have a party planned for you but since you wont leave we cant surprise you but your friends will all be here pretty soon" haha what a beautiful surprise right??! It was a blast. Andrea got me a really cute shirt and phase ten cards. I love that game! Amanda, Jess and Kenny, Kirby and Britt all came and partied with us. It was a pretty fun night. Noah of course slept through most of it. Sean has a surprise planned for me on Friday to celebrate my birthday and he is actually doing a good job of keeping it a secret. This is a huge accomplishment for him! Normally I bug him for details and ask him questions of what we could be doing and at some point he ends up caving. I am a big supporter of surprises but I'm so bad at letting them happen. I just like to know whats going on and have to always know everything. This puts a damper on the surprise. I'm super proud of Sean for holding out this long. Only  2 days til my surprise (does it still count as a surprise if I know its coming but just don't know what "it" is? hmm. I'm going to go with yes) Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING!!! I love this holiday. A day to be grateful for our family, country and everything else and we get to eat all day?! Yes it truly is an American holiday. I shall write a post of Thanksgiving and all the things I'm grateful for on the morrow. Til then have a great day.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Amanda Henning, my wonderful oldest sister whom I love :) She is 30 today! Gosh what a old lady she is. We have a surprise bday party planned for her this Saturday but shhhhhh, dont tell her.

P.S.S Happy late birthday to Justin Rogers, my quirky brother whom I love as well. I wished him a happy day on his bday, which is the day before mine but I figured I could say something on here about him as well.

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