Sunday, February 19, 2012

I've moved so many times in the last 19 months I'm a pro

That's right! We have yet again moved. That makes 4 times in the 19 months I have been married. First we lived in apartments for about 5 months, moved into a house we were renting for 11 months, lived at Sean's moms house for 2 1/2 months and now we are at our friends house. I am happy to say this is a more long term residence. We will be here til the end of the year. I know, I know, you may be asking
Who wants to live in a house with other people when you are still newly weds and have a baby?
It seems that everyone gives us that look of "why" when we tell them where we are living. The four of us just think its awesome. I agree it may not be the most ideal of situations to have roommates but that just seems like the path we keep going down to help us with what life gives us. And you know what? Its really not bad. We had the first 5 months of living on our own, then when we moved into the house we had my sister and Brittany move in with us. It was a good learning experience for them and we enjoyed having them there. It helped their relationships with their families as well. Andrea is closer to my mom not living at home with the stress of my brothers. Britt had her own issues with her family and I'm glad to have been able to help them. Renting the house was nice because it taught us something pretty important and in a safe way. You don't have to have a house just because you are starting a family. I thought in the beginning 'hey we are married now and have a baby coming, we should have a house.' Well guess what? Not everyone gets a house right away. Its nice when some people have the means to get one and thats great for them but its not for everyone. We found out real quick how much upkeep, money and time goes into having a house rather than an apartment. The utilities are much more expensive in a house, repairs are too. Getting a house isn't something you do just cuz you want to. You need to be ready and make sure you can afford it later not just right now. Jess and Ken lived with family for a year while they got stable jobs and saved money to buy this house. Someday we will own a house but thats just not right now. Sean still has more schooling to get done and we aren't sure where that will take us yet. This is the reason we decided to move in with Jessica and Kenny. We can live with them for a low rent (saving tonz of money) and no lease. When Sean is ready to apply to school for his Masters we can just pick up and go. 

Plus this is going to be a blast living with friends. I guess for some people it would be bad to live with friends after your married but for us it works. I have known Jessica since the 7th grade, we are best friends and have lived together before. Kenny is awesome as well. The 4 of us get along great and there is no drama. We will have our own space still as well, which is a big factor. Sean and I and Noah have the 3rd floor, so that means Noah gets his own room again! Yay! Jess and Ken have their room on the 2nd floor and we share the rest of the house. Kenny is so funny he says that Jess and I can hang out together on widows weekend. Thats what he calls it because he works nights and Sean works all day Saturday so Jess and I used to be real lonely on Saturdays. Now we get to hang out every weekend. Noah loves his new home and so do we. I'll post pictures later.

Moving this time was super easy. Like I said, Ive done it so much I'm a pro. We moved small stuff over the last couple weeks and then yesterday Jess, Ken, Kirby and I (Sean was at work) moved the big stuff like the bed and dresser to the house. Noah was being watched by Grandma Howell. Ken went to work about 5pm and Kirby went home. The rest of the night Jess and I decorated and put everything away. It looks so pretty Ken said I could decorate the rest of the house too. lol.

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  1. Be glad to have those packing skills down ;) It sounds like you'll have a few more moves in your life. Love ya and I do try to read, I just can't comment when using a phone for internet :(


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