Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Tooth, Food & Growing Boy

Two big firsts for Noah happened this week. Tuesday January 31st Noah had his first solid food! We had been giving him rice cereal for about  2 weeks before but it was so diluted with breast milk it was practically breast milk with a hint of rice cereal. Earlier this week I decided it was time to just jump right into giving him the real stuff. Guess what? He was a big fan of solid food! The first thing that his taste buds got to delight in was applesauce. Sadly it was not homemade but soon all his food will be. (once I can use our baby bullet, which is still in the garage) As soon as the applesauce touched his lips he was overjoyed. He literally lunged at the spoon to get more haha. At one point he grabbed the spoon and pulled it toward his mouth because he decided it wasn't coming fast enough. Since then we have given him some baby food once or twice a day just about 2 table spoons full.
 He was moving so the picture is blurry. See how he has a hold of the spoon ^

The other first is that he had a tooth cut through. I had felt a bump on his gums the night before but there was not a tooth. Then the same day Jan 31st after giving him the food I was washing his face and noticed a white dot on his gums. Lo and behold it was a tooth. We never would have known he was teething if we hadn't seen the tooth. It is common for babies to get fussy, drool and not sleep through the night while teething. We have experienced none of these with Noah so far. I really hope I'm not jinxing us right now by saying this but I'll go ahead and say it anyway. We have the most mild mannered baby ever. He is so calm and just smiley.
 I love how determined his face is here. Oh! I'm going to get this whole thing in my mouth!

 Baby say what?!haha

 I love love love his smile here. He is just so happy. I think we have the same eyes. I have the most cutest baby every.

In other updates with Noah: He is just so very cute and cuddly lately. Sean and I love it. He will wrap his arms around our neck and just hold us and coo. Also he has been "talking" more and more. He loves to hear his voice and all the noises he has learned to copy. He oooh's and aww's and ooo's and squeals. Every night before bed he goes on a talk fest til he decides its time for bed. Then we wrap him up bounce and sing for a couple minutes and he is out like a light. One of my favorite things about Noah right now is his sweet smile. He loves to smile big and wide and he tilts his head away like a shy little guy. love it! He just makes my heart happy and full with love. He is sitting up all by himself now with no props holding him up. He doesn't do it all of the time but quite a bit. This just started a couple days ago. He loves grabbing at Sean's beard too. He must like the texture. Oh he had his 6 month doctor appointment on Monday. So here are his 6 month stats: 15lbs, 26.5 inches happy as a clam :)
Can you believe he is half way to 1? Crazyness right?! I love how much he has grown and yet it doesn't seem like that long ago when I first had him placed in my arms.

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