Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This baby makes my heart happy

 We come in to check on him and the blanket is often on his head. It started out tightly swaddled around him haha
 He loves to give my face kisses. I love to get them!

 Swinging outside while mommy moves stuff around in the garage and gets ready for the move. I love outside. 

 Yes I am Houdini. I managed to get the shoulder strap off one side while mom was driving home.

 It was funny when she caught me. I just looked cute and innocent.

 I'm a sleeping angel

 Daddy and I like to sit and chill when he gets home from school

 Uncle David and Uncle Jim like to stare at me sometimes and marvel at how adorable I am. I don't mind.

 Bath time!

 Smiles!!!! And Laughs!!!!

Dressed up for Church :)

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