Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our Home, Renaissance Festival, AMY, Noah is a Genius

A Picture is worth a thousand words so this must be a long post. I could make 3 posts but I just don't want to so you're stuck with one long one. I promised pictures of our new home so here they are!

Our Home 

Pretty huh? Yeah we like it a lot :)

Renaissance Festival 
Last Monday was Presidents day so we went to the Renaissance Festival to celebrate. Unfortunately ASU doesn't care about our country because they made Sean go to school on that day and he missed the fun. Sean has never been so we will have to make another trip there someday.
 This is the group that we went with. Noah, Andrea, Amy, Jessica, Ken and Amy's Dad is in the back, Emma, Kirby and Ken. I was taking the picture. 

 The weather was perfect all day. Twas wonderful.
 Noah wasn't a fan of the jester hat. He pulled it off

 Jess and I at a show.
 The rest of the group at the show. 

 Noah fell asleep a couple times throughout the day. He is such a sweet sleeper.

 This is the one picture I got of people at the festival. This guy is the whip cracker. It was a pretty awesome show. He had a whip and hit some flowers out of that girls hand.

Arizona Museum for Youth
Amanda got free tickets to the museum so she invited Mom, Dad, Justin, Me and Noah, Chris and Rylan to go. Chris is Corey's brother and Rylan is Chis' son.

 Cortney loves planes! Like a lot, she points at them in the sky, in books, and any where else she sees them and proudly yells PLANE! Noah thought it was pretty cool too.
 They are buddies <3

 Noah is a Mallard. Thats his wing span. 

 This was a fun sitting area for the kids. Noah liked this chair a lot. He was so excited to be sitting in it and when we turned him he giggled so much.

 Noah is an advocate of fine music. The next Bach. True story. 
We took him to Jessica's sisters high school jazz band concert last week and he was so fascinated by the sounds. He sat so still staring and smiling. It was great to watch his reaction. 

 There was a green room with a podium where kids could lay or sit and look like they were floating above different scenes like  the city or ocean.
 I accidentally let Noah fall off the podium. He was laying totally fine and then just rolled over and fell off but I ran over like a mama ninja and caught him before he hit the ground. I still felt like a horrible mom for letting him fall. There was a dad standing near by with his kid and he let me know that he dropped all of his kids when they were small too. Justin said that God makes babies like rattlesnake eggs, they bounce. Haha. Then Amanda let me know that she dropped Cortney when she was 3 months old on accident. Dad said that I'm pretty good for not letting Noah fall til he was 7 months. Its good to know I'm not the only one.

 Grandma was being read to by Cortney. Twas cute

There was a black light room for the kids to pretend they were camping in. 
It was a fun trip. There was a lot of other exhibits but Noah was too small to be interested in them so no pictures. We will be going again when he is older for sure. 

Noah is a Genius 
 He discovered String Theory! . . . . Get it?. . . I had to explain it to Ken. You know what string theory is right? Well Noah was playing with the string from the blinds and moving it around watching the ball up at the top move and bounce around. He loved it. Lots of laughs and oooh's and leg kicking.
My little guy is just cute cute cute cute cute. Yes that's many cuteness because that's how cute he is.

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