Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Sweet Noah

Noah has grown so much in the past few weeks. Its like he just blossomed overnight. He says more and more words everyday. He repeats words and sounds he hears everyone around him say. He gets so proud when he sees how happy it makes us when he says a new word. He says it over and over again. His favorite food right now is cheese. He walks over to the fridge and points and says "cheese, cheese".

Noah has such a sweet, gentle spirit. He is so much like he daddy. He loves to show his love to others. He gives kisses and hugs often. We love mornings when we get to just lay in bed as a family and Noah rolls back and forth between the two of us giving cuddles and kisses.

We have discovered that Noah (like his mommy) talks in his sleep. Sean went in to check on him one night and heard him saying something about a baby and some Noah gibberish along with it. After that incident we have heard him many other times talking in his sleep about different things.

He has continued his love of music. He is a little dancer whenever any music comes on. He finds a rhythm in everything. Often he will start dancing and swaying to the dryer, dishwasher, and anything else that makes a consistent sound. He also gets a kick out of it when Sean whistles and will try to whistle back to him. A couple weeks ago Noah found Sean's metronome on the ground and figured out how to turn it on and change between notes. He then began to switch between those notes and then try to match it. It was so cute to watch.

He also learned to color a couple weeks ago. Him and Cortney had a good time scribbling on some paper. He was switching between his left and right hand. Since then thats one of his favorite activities.

He has learned where his eye is and is quite proud of it. He will point to (also known as poke) mommy and daddy's eye and happy proclaim "eye". Haha we are trying to teach him his other parts too so maybe he wont poke our eyes out. We just love how he is growing and learning. He is such a sweet one.

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