Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's hard to blog when I'm sleeping

I have been so very tired lately. I'm trying to not complain because I know that this is one of the biggest most important blessing of my life. Being able to carry a child :) I really do love being pregnant. I loved being pregnant with Noah. I have guess I just don't remember the hard parts as much as the fun parts. . . Well after I get past the parts I don't like. Like: throwing up everything that I put in my stomach, not having energy because I can't keep anything down, wanting to sleep all the time but still having a million things to do and feeling absolutely useless when those things don't get done, constipation (yuck) and the stomach pains that come with it.

Things I love: knowing I am growing a baby and that is such a miracle, thinking of names, hearing the heartbeat, reading about everything that is developing and going on with the baby that week, seeing how happy Sean is to be a daddy to another little baby child, thinking of how fun it will be for Noah to have a playmate. I'm so looking forward to having another ultrasound and in 7ish weeks finding out the gender! I can't wait for that part. I think that's when I feel most connected. When I can put a name to the baby I'm growing and feeling inside me.

I forgot to post a picture from week 9. This was before my belly popped out. Actually I think even in week 10 photo it isn't showing. It came on week 10 and 3 days. So in next weeks picture you will see the belly I'm sporting. I'm pretty sure I wasn't this big this soon last time. Its kinda weird. I have been so sick and therefore lost weight. Good thing is my belly is growing so that must mean baby child is growing and getting at least something. I have been taking my prenatals and have been able to keep an occasional meal down. That must be helping. I tried to take phenagren to help with the nausea but that just knocked me out. Not good when you have to work 8 hours and then take care of a toddler. Guess I just get to suffer. Oh I still haven't tried vitamin B. My sister in law suggested that. I should do that this week. I will let you know how that goes. Hopefully I have will have good news to report!

Basically we have just been trying to keep things going around here. Sean is almost done with this semester of school. Two more weeks to go. He is doing pretty good in his classes. He has all B's. He has been busy with school and then trying to pick up the slack I've been leaving with the apartment and taking care of me since I have been so sick that he has had a hard time finding time to study. We just need to balance it better. His priority needs to be school right now and mine just needs to be Noah and taking care of myself and this baby. If that means my apartment suffers some then so be it! Sean said no worries though he can easily get straight B's this semester. Pretty good in my opinion.

Noah has been learning so much! I need to just dedicate a whole post just to him so I'll do that later this week and update on all the wonderful things he has been doing.


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