Thursday, February 28, 2013


Noah finally is all better. Actually he has been for a couple days but I forgot to mention that. Also I am all better as well. Sean luckily never caught the bug that was going around. Yay for blessings :) He was able to stay focused on school and taking care of his sickly family.

Things have been good with the Howell family. Sean is doing great in school and is really interested in his greek history class. He has an obsession with Alexander lately and loves to watch documentaries about him. He has healed up really well from his Hernia surgery. He has even started doing some core excersises and feels really good about them. He is being careful to not over do it too fast but is confidant that he can get right back to his old work out routine. This time just no holding his breath while doing a pull up. He is going to start going back to the gym every morning like he used to this week. Yay for him! He is a happy man when he is able to get his work out on. All that manly testosterone needs some where to go.

Noah is a little sponge of learning and we love it! He repeats words and remembers what they are connected to. He knows his  ears, eyes, mouth, nose, belly button. He also loves to say proudly "pee" when he sees someone going to the bathroom. He has been showing a lot of interest in the potty. We bought a potty seat and step stool this week but he has yet to use it. So far he has just played with the seat and carried around the apartment. Its good for him to get familar with it and make it his own. He did however pee on the toilet with out the seat on it two days ago. My baby is going into the potty training days! Its so crazy. We realize that he might lose interest but for now we are going with it. It would be pretty convienent to have him potty trained before or just after Rebekah is born. I would LOVE to not have to change double the diapers. We will just see what Noah decides to do. We don't want to push it.

So! The potty story: Sean's mom was watching Noah during the day at our apartment on Tuesday this week. I got home from work and Noah and I played while she let me know how their day went. She said that he pooped and right away grabbed a diaper and handed it to her saying "pee". He hasn't figured out poop yet. Thats a good sign of readiness for potty training that he knows when he goes. While he is peeing often times he will let us know as well as he is going in his diaper. He is a pretty smart kid! So after she left Noah and I played some more and then all of a sudden Noah grabbed his diaper at the crotch and said pee. I felt it and he had already gone but I figured might as well just start making the connection for him that pee goes in the potty. So I took off his pants and diaper and held him on the toilet. He laughed and sat there for a minute saying pee over and over. Then a little trickle of pee came out! I was so happy for him. It was probably just because I had been holding him there at the right moment but still pretty awesome that he knew pee goes in the toilet. I said "yay!" and "good job" He loved the excitment. He then grabbed a bunch of toilet paper and threw it in the toilet saying "paper". haha. I let him flush the toilet and put a new diaper on him. Right as I was doing that Daddy came home. I yelled at him from the room the good news. He straight away went to the kitchen and grabbed an M&M and gave it to Noah as a treat for his good job. Noah was so happy. That was the only time he has wanted to sit on the potty since but we will see how things go in the next couple weeks if he stays interested in potty.

Wednesday I went to a Zumba class with my good friend Melissa and her cousin. I usually am horrible with working out but that was actually really fun! Zumba is just a high pace dance/workout class. It has fun moves to hip hop music that get your cardio on big time. Melissa and I being pregnant had to modify some of the moves to accomidate our big bellys and tired bodies but it was still a good work out. The class was at Gold's Gym. Since I don't have a membership I had to pay $5 to go. Sean has a membership there And goes in the mornings. Melissa just got a membership and she gets to bring a friend for free but we decided to split the gym cost and each pay $7.50 and go every week. Then I can go after Noah goes to bed 2 days a week and that will give Sean time to study with no distractions.

I had a dr appointment on Thursday. I'm measuring on schedule. I've only gained 8 pounds but dr Hazelrigg isn't concerned cuz I didn't gain much with Noah either. All my vitamin levels are good and Rebekah has a nice strong heartbeat. I'm having pretty bad hemroids this time around which suck but I finally got a prescription to treat it. Yay ! Haha. Tmi but tis the nature of my blog.


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