Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY! (Halloween 2013)

I love Halloween! I don't care how old I get I will always love dressing up and seeing all the creativity involved in getting costumes and home decor done. This year was especially fun because it was the first year Sean was able to celebrate with us. The past years he had to work so he either didn't get to come to the party or was really really late and missed most of the fun anyway. Noah was old enough to really enjoy it too! Just today he asked Uncle Davey to take him for candy again and said "trick or treat" as they went for a walk haha. 

Our costumes were of course matching. The best kind of costumes for a family. Rebekah was a lion, I was a tiger, Noah was the bear and Sean was "Oh My!" Clever right? I was so happy when I went to Goodwill one day in the beginning of October to find costumes and I found all three animal costumes for less than $5 each. For Seans I just got a white t shirt and used puffy paint to write "oh my" and then Noah wanted to put his hand print on it so I did his and Bekah's. 

Wednesday night we went to my parents wards trunk or treat. My two sisters that live here and my brother went as well. It was fun to spend the night with family and get lots of candy for the kiddos. Noah and Cortney have fun playing together. 

Then on Halloween night we went to our wards trunk or treat party. That was super fun too. They even had a little haunted house made out of large cardboard boxes. Noah had fun feeling the "brains, guts and eyes" He knew right away that the guts were actually "ronies". Smart kid. Sean really enjoyed seeing Noah light up the first time someone handed him candy just for saying "trick or treat". Both kids looked absolutely adorable in their costumes. 

Andrea was a Crayola Crayon 

My ever adorable parents 

Amanda, Corey, Cortney, Joshua. Nightmare before christmas

Noah being the super cute big brother and sharing his candy with Rebekah. He kept saying "this one is yummy. I love candy" 

The next day Noah had to wear her teddy bear again. He kept asking "I need my teddy bear" 

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