Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge 5K Race

Yes thats right, I ran (ehemm rather speed walked/jogged/sprint) a 5k! With no training. I don't recommend the no training part though. Sean and I signed up to do it a couple months back with Andrea and then totally forgot about it. Then we got the email reminding us of it and found out Sean couldn't get the day off. Luckily my bff Melissa is awesome and took Seans place very last minute. Like the week before the run she commited to doing it with us. It was a blast!! I think this was the absolute best first 5k to participate in. There was enough challange without too much running haha. We all said we want to do it again next year and hopefully do better with the time. We did the whole thing in a little less than an hour. This was not like your typical 5k. It has awesome obsacles scattered every quarter mile or so. That being said I think an hour for 3.1 miles with crazy obsacles and lines is pretty good. But it would be awesome to go even faster next time. Another fun thing about this race was that you got to dress up for it! Many people had really thought out and detailed costumes. Ours weren't so thought out but very last minute and fun. Our team name was Colorful Clumsies. So we made tutus with pink green and purple. Melissa made hers the night before and Andrea and I made our an hour before haha. Thanks to the help of our very talented mama we got it done in less than an hour! (side note: after seeing how easy it is to make I definetly am going to be making Rebekah tons of them!) 

Andrea and I jammed out to some Billy Gilman music on the way to phoenix for the race. Let me tell ya that was nostalgic. We used to listen to him nonstop as kids. My sister is one of the few people that really get me :)  

We got to the race late but still started at the right time. We were supposed to be there an hour before our start time but as always Andrea and I were running late haha. We met Melissa there and sprinted to pick up our bibs. A little run before the big run. Again another not so bright idea but whatever. We are runner newbies so we are allowed a few mistakes right? Melissa was our "Jillian Michaels" and kept telling Andrea and I to go faster and to not stop. I kind of wanted to smother her but was also grateful for her support.  I'm not even very skinny but I guess I'm smaller than the american average. That being said -Being skinny does not mean you are in shape haha. The next time we do a 5k I am going to actually prepare for it because I am so so so very sore today. Melissa and Andrea are too! 

We got soaked on at least 3 obstacles and one of them had soapy suds we had to slide across haha. Running in wet shoes is hard peeps! 

Here is the list of obstacles they had there. It varies by what state the race is in but some of them, the giant slide for one, are at every race. 

Your obstacles will include:
World’s Largest Inflatable Slide
Wrecking Ball
The World’s Largest Moon Bounce
Belly Flop Drop
Tarzan Swing
Tight Rope Traverse
Get It Up (And Over)
Gorilla Bars
Aqua Drag
Tire Mile

It was a fun thing to do with two of my favorite people :) We didn't get any pictures while we were running the race because there were water obstacles, so we didn't have our phones with us. But we got some before and after pictures. 

If you have never run a 5k I'd highly recommend doing one. It feels so good to have accomplished something new. 


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