Monday, November 4, 2013

My kids are cute

They are growing so much and I love it but also want it to slow down! 

**He sings so much. He knows most of the words to a lot of songs now. Sean and I just get so excited for his songs. So far he knows , twinkle twinkle, I like to eat apples and bananas, teach me to walk in the light , oh dear what can the matter be, head shoulders knees and toes, popcorn popping. 

**He is so interested with holding Rebekah now. He asks at least two or three times a day to hold his Bekah. He gives her kisses and hugs all day. And occasionally tries to sit on her haha. 

** He likes to help feed Rebekah 

**He is such a gentle soul. He tells Daddy and I "good job" after almost ever thing we do for him. 

** Still working on potty training. He occasionally likes to wear big boy underwear and will sometimes make it to the potty. Its a slow work in progress but no rush. 

** He likes to ask "are you an alligator?" And then laugh when we say no and then asks if we are another animal/random object 

** He asks ransoms questions all day. 

**He loves to be tickled and to tickle Rebekah 

**He will frequently ask me for massages. He especially loves his back and feet rubbed 

**Favorite food is still Roni's (pasta) and chicken anything with ranch on everything 


**She smiles alllll the time. Seriously she is just a happy happy happy baby

**She has the cutest baby babble. We love hearing squeal and chatter

**She blows raspberries at daddy. 

**She likes to watch Noah play and gets super excited when he talks to her 

**She can hold her own bottle 

**She is getting ready for crawling. She can already roll and scooch herself to where she wants to be. Often we will put her in the middle of the room and then she ends up to the side under the swing haha. 

**She really enjoys her morning lotion and massage. She gets smiley and coos. 

**She hates bath time and screams Everytime 

Sean and I are so blessed to have such beautiful sweet children. 

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