Friday, August 12, 2011

I LOVE being a MOMMY

So I have finally adjusted to the life of a mom. . . Well for the most part. Sean and I are adjusted to the little sleep aspect of parenthood. We still get tired during the day, but that's what naps are for. I finally started to take the advice of sleep when the baby sleeps. He sleeps 16 hours a day! So no way am I going to do that every time he sleeps. I have things to do people, like keep my house clean, and blog and go places. But I do take one nap a day for about an hour sometimes hour and half. Sean does as well. We are in a great schedule with feeding too.  Noah eats every 3 hours almost on the dot during the day and at night he usually eats every 2 ½.  I love breastfeeding now that both Noah and I know what we are doing. Occasionally he will even latch on himself without me having to help guide his head. He is getting so good! I love the time we get to spend together and bond. I just love him so much!! He is such a silly baby. He is showing more personality now.. We know that he is going to be a people person because he just loves to be around people. He doesn’t even need to be held all the time. He is content laying on a blanket near us, but put him in another room and he gets fussy. Another thing about Noah is that he is very vocal. He loves to make grunting sounds and hearing himself. Before he goes to sleep he will lay in his crib and make noises for twenty minutes or a half an hour then dose off.  He is so expressive, yet relaxed at the same time. He is so squirmy too! He just loves to move. His muscles are so strong. When we burp him he moves his head all around. He doesn’t have great control yet but he can lift his head really well. We do tummy time with him and he doesn’t hate it surprisingly. He even rolled over on Wednesday. I luckily have video of it!  Here he is being all awesome. 

blogger is being dumb and wont let me upload the video. I'll come back later and try again.

Sean says that he thinks Noah will have blue eyes like mine. I can see a hint of blue as well. His hair has changed from dark black to a light redish brown. Which is fun because my natural hair color is red/brown.  It’s nice to have him look like me too and not just Sean.
We just love hanging out with Noah all day. Sean has to go to school next week but I still have until September 20th until I go back to work. OH!! Wonderful news!!! The nursery is done!! … Again! The guys came and did the drywall on Tuesday and then Thursday they came and did the carpet. Then Andrea and Kirby helped us move the furniture back into the nursery. Sean and I got everything else in and organized all perfect the way it was. The best part is that we got to sleep in our own bed!! We all slept great. Noah was in his crib in his room and we had the monitor so we could hear any noise he made. Basically life is just amazing. Now time for more pictures. 
 Mom and Daddy being lazy with Noah asleep and Auntie Britt asleep on the bed.
 Noah loves chillin' with Daddy

Cortney comparing her big girl foot to Noah's tiny baby foot

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