Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am the luckiest

Sean is seriously the best husband ever. After many months of marriage and having a baby and just going through life together I have decided undoubtably that this is fact. (figured this out long ago but just decided that it needed to be written down for all of history.) Sean is so caring. He is so sweet and patient with Noah. I know that some nights when all we want to do is sleep but Noah just wants to play it can get tough. But there is Sean so sweet and willing to play. I have caught him just laying there staring at our cute little angel sleeping. He just has this proud dad face like he is thinking "I am his father, what a lucky guy I am." I just love it. I also love how Sean loves me. He is always thinking of what he can do to be a better husband. Like that is even possible right? But still he some how finds a way to do it. I love him. I love what a great dad he is, I love what a great provider he is. I love how he always makes me smile. I love that even when I'm being ridiculous and worrying over the most unneeded things he just smiles and still loves me fully and lets me get it all out and then sighs and tells me its ok. I love that he is so silly. I love how he helps plan our future. I love how he plays with Noah. I am just head over heels completely to the moon in love with my husband.

Here is a cute text he sent me this morning.

Sean : <3 that's right, this is my heart and I'm sending it to you via text message baby.

So darn cute right? I know, I'm the luckiest :)

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