Friday, January 20, 2012

Good will triumph over evil in the end

So I wrote this post with a different title and ending but then a text from a friend changed my point of view a little. So here is the originally post first.

The supreme court has begun a hearing that could rewrite rules for broadcasting on tv. The stations say it is against the 1st amendment to censor cussing and nudity . I am all for freedoms but I also think that something needs to be left out of general tv to keep our children from seeing it and being exposed to material not fit for them (or me in that matter) to be seeing.

There is another issue with the Internet as well. The government wants to fight against piracy and their way of doing so is to censor the crap out of things. They have a bill right now that will pretty much eliminate sites such as Google, YouTube and Wikipedia.

 I didnt think that the way things are right now with the broadcasting are really censorship. They just cut out inappropriate things. People still have access to that stuff if they want. they issue with the Internet/ piracy things is that it takes away peoples right to access it if they wish. Do I think people should be viewing pornography or other things such as that? of course not but it is not my right to tell them they can't.

I know no one has the right to stop others from cussing if they want to. They have their free choice but I believe I should have the free choice to not have it around me. I should be able to have the choice to watch tv and not be burdened by the constant bombardment of sexuality and profanity. Others who want to let that in their life have that option with special programming. Why should their rights overshadow my rights. If the current restrictions (which I might add are pretty lax as it is) are lifted then the only choice I will have is to just not watch. That's just not fair. The world is just getting worse and worse. Its getting harder and harder to safe gaurd ourselves and our children from the evil influences of others.

While discussing these and other alike matters I was being a negative Nelly when my best friend sent this inspiring text to me:

"I think you are having a glass half empty kind of day. We are working just as hard to make the world more Christ-like as they are to make it less. Remember all the missionaries baptizing new members who will have good morals? Remember all the young men and young women programs that are helping Young adults grow up with good morals? And we aren't the only religion opposed to immorality. Good will triumph over evil in the end Deana." I needed that.

I chose to be on the side of Family! I want to protect myself and my family from those things. No matter what is or isnt passed it is still up to me to know what is going on and do what I have to to protect myself and my children. I can't control the world but I can control my own actions and I can help guide my family to make correct choices. Those each and everyday small choices are what make up the big choices in the world. If you want to heal the world you start with the family! I need to be a more glass half full type of person more often. I think overall I am a pretty happy person. I enjoy life and having a good time but when things go wrong I tend to focus on that for a while and look at it from every angle possible and prepare for the worst. I'm not sure that is the healthy thing to do. I get so stressed doing that. Instead I am dedicating myself from this point on to try and look at the good side of things and prepare for the best even in the face of bad. In everything I can find something to be happy and grateful about. Even when bad things go on I can chose to think "well at least I have the Gospel or my Family or other blessings in my life to counter act that bad that just presented itself in my life. I can do this! Thanks Jess for helping me realize that and be better. Its also good to remember that others are in the world making good decisions as well. I am not alone. There are lots of efforts going on to better the world.

To end: We are working just as hard to make the world more Christ-like as they are to make it less.

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