Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Meeting my nephew and other things

Robyn and Carlos and baby Jemimah came to visit this week. Sadly they could only be with us for 2 days because they went to Peoria for 2 days to spend time with Carlos' family as well. That aside it was a great time! Jeremiah was born August 31st. He is close to a month and a week younger than Noah but they look like they are far more than that apart in age. I thought Noah was small for his age, but Jeremiah is by far smaller. He is in his own bracket, haha. Robyn said that he is in the 0% for his age. He is that tiny!! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

 He had his hand in his mouth like 80% of the time. He is a very drooly baby guy. Robyn said he has a tooth coming in already.

Corey was drinking a rockstar on the way to get pictures and Noah was fascinated by the can. The bright colors are his favorite. He played with that can the whole way to Tempe. 

Robyn with the babies. Noah is a small baby but after holding Jeremiah for 5 minutes Noah seemed huge! 

Robyn and Carols and Jerry live in Wyoming so we don't see them that often.I'm glad that they were able to come down and visit. I feel like Robyn and I are closer since we were both preggers at the same time. Also Carlos and I had some good bonding moments as well. We all soaked in all the fun we could in two days. Monday I had off work so we got to spend the whole day together. Mom, Amanda, Robyn Me and Andrea all went to the movies and saw "Beauty and The Beast" in 3D. It was pretty cool. I love Disney movies. Then we all just hung out at Amanda and Coreys for the rest of the night with everyone else in the family as well. It was a blast. Lots of laughs and jokes. Tuesday we did family pictures. That was so fun. Noah was sick with a head cold so he was a bit grumpy for the first part but we got some smiles towards the middle. Then he got hungry towards the end so there was more sour puss faces. Haha Pictures with babies, you never know what you are going to get. Either way he looks super cute anyway :) I can't wait to get the pictures back and post them for you all to see.

In other news, Sean's staph infection is going away finally! The boils are now mostly just scabs. I know how do I go from cute babies to boils and scabs. Haha this blog just has a little of everything. It is nice to almost have my healthy husband back again. He is much happier when he isn't in pain and sickly. Poor man keeps getting sick with something! We are both ready for him to just be healthy and stay that way for a long time. No more viruses or bacteria please and thank you! It was a tough week for him. He couldn't pick Noah up much because it hurt his chest and arm. Thankfully he is past the pain part and able to help out more and hold Noah all he wants :)

Noah is just pefect as usual. He is more and more vocal and we are having so much fun with that. He likes to mimik the sounds we make in his own way. And he moves his tounge around lots. He is always discovering something new. I love seeing how facinated he can be with the most simplest of things. Makes you really look and see the beauty in the world. Noah has gotten quite chuby as of late. I love it! His thighs are so huge and cute. He is very long too. He smiles more and more and is quite alert with things going on around him. He is always moving his head this way and that to see everything and soak it all in. Then he sits and "talks" to us and himself at the end of the day. As if he is telling us everything that happend to him that day. He sleeps like a champ at nights too. He is much easier to get down for naps now as well. Melissa gave suggested a book that Sean's mom ended up buying for us called "Healthy Sleep habbits happy child" that had a lot of good ideas of getting a schedule set. Noah we have a routine that we do for every nap and for putting him down for the night. He knows now that when he is swaddled and when the "shh Shh Shh" starts up it is sleeping time and he follows suit. Love it!

We made a list of a bunch of schools to apply for when the time comes. We both expect the list to be altered many times between now and in the next year but its nice to have a start. Did I tell you that Sean changed his major to psychology? I think I did. If I didn't it doesn't matter too much because turns out his major is going to be different for his masters. He will get his bachelors in psychology still but for his Masters he is getting in Social Work. Turns out that Arizona is one of the few states that allows you to be a a therapist (which is what Sean wants to be) with a Masters in Psycholgy. Every where else requires a MSW (masters in social work). The Psychology one is used to become a teacher or used to become a pychicirtirst after going to med school and all that jazz. So that's the plan and we are sticking to it.

We will be moving in with Jessica and Kenny next month. We decided that Feb 20 will be the move in date. They are graciously offered up their second floor to us. That means two rooms! Finally Noah will have his own room again. We decided that since we will be moving in a year anyway to who knows where it would be best to not be tied down with a lease. Also it is a great opportunity to save money for all the application fees, moving costs and all other things that will come our way in the near future. Jess can Ken gave us a very low rent, utilities and food rate that will allow us to save loads of money :) This makes me very happy!! And it helps them to put the money towards other payments. Win win situations are the best. Well that's it for now.

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