Friday, February 15, 2013

Lovers Day!

Yesterday was lovers day, aka: Valentines day! Sean and I aren't that big on presents. We enjoy recieving gifts of couse, I mean who doesn't right?! But we just have a hard time buying them for each other. Typically if we really want something we budget for it, save and buy it. Also we would rather make memories with a fun date activity or something than buy a present. So we decided that we would just stay home and watch a movie and get take out. Of couse we would have tons of cuddle time too :) Our little Noah is sick so that was also a factor in us wanting to stay in that night as well. He went to sleep at 6pm and we began our night of loves. We rented two movies from redbox (free rental promo codes are wonderful!), Sean went to Buffalo Wild Wings and got us a ton of wings to feast on. Before going home from work I had stopped at the store and picked up some other goodies of donuts, brownies, cheetos and milk. It was nice to just chill at home and enjoy each others company. Sean is such a sweetheart. He takes care of me and Noah and Rebekah so perfectly. He is a worthy preisthood holder, hard worker, great student in school and amazing father and husband. I couldn't have asked for a better man to be with for eternity :) He is my world, my love and my best friend. Love you Dear Husband, thanks for being mine.


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