Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Now we know :)

I have been behind on my blogging news. I have kind of been an emotional mess the past couple days. I think its just pregnancy hormones mixed with stress. I seriously cry all the time. Its hard with Sean not able to help with as much as he used to with him being sore from his surgery. But he is getting stronger so there has been more help. ANYWAY...

Thursday. Ultrasound. Baby! Its officially for sure a GIRL! We have decided to name our little baby sweet girl Rebekah Mae Howell. She was such a cutie in the ultrasound. We got a perfect picture of her parts so we know for sure she is gal. Also she got the hiccups for a little while during it. the ultrasound lasted about an hour so we got plenty of good pictures of her. She has Seans nose just like Noah does. A little whoville baby nose. Noah was there during it and had fun looking at the screen and saying baby!

Little Rebekah is growing perfectly and I feel her move all the time now which is just lovely. I can't wait until Sean can feel her move. I'm also thinking it will be pretty fun to watch Noahs reaction when he can feel and see her move in mommy's belly.

Speaking of Noah he is being cute and sweet as ever. He talks more and more and has such a silly imagination. He loves making boxes cars and being pushed in them. He plays and giggles all day. He had a hard time the past couple days with Daddy not being able to pick him up. He was a little bitter toward Sean some nights. Its a lot better today and yesterday though with Sean feeling strong enough to at least have Noah in his lap now.


  1. yay! so excited she's officially a girl :) i have to say, i LOVE the name!! even if you got the spelling wrong ;) so are you guys going for bible names, or is that mostly a coincidence? congrats again! :)

    1. Haha Glad you approve of the name :) All the cool people are named Rebekah in some version. Yes we like the bible name theme. They are just classic and strong names.

  2. So excited!!!! We need to get going on the headbands so our girls can be stylin ha ha!!!


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