Monday, February 18, 2013

Mommy work is hard work

Noah has been getting better slowly. He still has fit moments where the pain is just too much so he cries and screams. But most of the day was filled with silly Noah-ness. He is such an angel. Its really hard to see him in such discomfort. I had a really bad moment Saturday night. it was a long long day, Noah was so fussy and in so much pain, I hadn't gotten much sleep at all the night before, and I had started to get sick that day too. Sean was at work all day so it was just me and baby man. We had a pretty good morning just resting and cuddling. Then we went to my parents house so they could watch Noah while I went and did a massage. That was a lot of work for my poor tired preggie body but I did pretty awesome cuz I got a $10 tip :) Then after the massage I met up with my family at their ward picnic. Noah had a blast. He really clung to my Dad most of the time which my Dad loved. Usually he doesn't get much time with him cuz he works really late and Noah goes to bed early. So he doesn't let him hold him that often. He is warming up though so thats great.

After the picnic we went home. We were both so very exhausted. He went to sleep right when we got home. I did some cleaning and read and watched some tv. I should have gone to sleep. About 9pm Noah woke up screaming and crying. I gave him his medicine, cuddled him, sang to him, tried to feed him some food (he threw it), tried to give him a sippy cup (he threw that too). I was so tired so I called my dad to come over and help cuz Sean was at work still for another half hour. He helped me get Noah calmed down and I was able to sit and rest for a while. Sean came home and brought Noah ice cream and me a Big Mac and fries. What a good husband and father. Im so grateful for my dad too. He told me that there are tough times but that there are mostly good times and we need to concentrate on those. I was just so tired watching a screaming child was not something I was up for at that moment.

Today was much much better! Noah and I spent the day with my mom. We took her to lunch at Applebees and then went shopping at walmart. Then my mom and Justin helped me bring the groceries to my apartment. Mom hadn't seen our place yet so she was excited to come see. We hung out for awhile and played with bug. Noah went to bed early and has been sleeping well. Now Sean and I are just watching some tv. Its been a good day.

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