Friday, February 15, 2013

Sickly Sam Baby Man

Our poor Noah boy is sick. Its so horrible to have a child sick and not be able to do much to relieve the pain. Cuddles is really all we can do. Last night was really rough for all 3 of us. Sean was exhusted from the night before and I was exhuasted due to being all pregnant and a long day at work. Noah was worse off and hadn't taken a nap all day. He couldn't sleep since his nose would get all clogged and he couldn't breathe. We knew he had to have a cold by his symptoms. He was fussy, leaky nose, congested chest, horrible cough with yucky sounds in his throat, and puffy eyes. But he also wasn't eating or sleepy and he has blisters on his tounge. Last night he was in a scream fit off and on for hours. Finally I just layed him on my chest and slept propped up against the headboard of the bed. He was so miserable, but at least he got a couple hours of sleep in that position.

Sean had to go to school and I had work today so my mom took Noah into the Doctor for us. Its so hard being at work while your child is sick being watched by someone else. Even if that someone is my awesome mom. I want to be the one taking care of him. The Doctor says he has a chest and throat cold, an extremely bad infection in his right ear and he has his top two molars coming in. The cold and teething are whats causing his nose to run profusely, the cough and all that. The blisters on his tounge and his cheeks are due to the bacteria from the cold and the ear infection. The snot and all the gross infection are leaking down in throat and in his mouth. So his has been prescribed Amoxicillin for the ear infection. For the cold he just needs lots of love and affection and tyenol. The teething just sucks. We just feel so bad for our little guy. Even though he is in pain his beautiful loving personality shows through. He laughs everytime he sneezes because he finds the sound so funny. And he is so lovey. I hope he feels better asap! Sean and I will just take turns giving him all the love and cuddles we can til then. And I guess that means not much sleep for the Howells this week.


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  1. aw, so not fair when little kids are sick. Or Moms. Sorry to hear you guys have been dealing with this. Hope Noah feels better soon, esp that he has been to the Dr now. The last 2 pictures sure are cute!


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