Friday, September 2, 2011

Losing the baby weight! and Baby Noah is growing!

As someone who as just always been skinny without working out I was a little nervous about losing the post pregnancy weight. I am not a fan of  a real work out plan and I don't do diets. I would like it if I could work out but I just lose interest. I can do sit ups like no ones business but that and walking are the only work outs I can do without going nuts. I eat pretty healthy for the most part but no way am I going to cut the occasional hamburger and chips out of my eating habits. I like good food and I have a hard time thinking of not eating them. I know what great motivation right? haha But such is life. The idea of having to work out every day to keep a good figure is just daunting. So the only solution I could come up with was this: I sure hope I just lose the weight from breastfeeding and the fact that its so hot in AZ I'll sweat it off. lol. Well great news! This plan seems to be working!! (I'm so very happy about that because if it actually came down to me being chubby or working out I was going to have to chose working out because I dont want to have to go buy a whole new wardrobe to accommodate. I just wasn't going to be happy about it.) I'm 10lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight and pretty happy about it. I'm not sure if I'll get to the weight I once was due to the hips and other parts that I'm almost positive wont be getting any smaller. Oh well I feel good and that's what should matter in the end. I just want a flatter belly so I guess I will start doing sit ups to accomplish that.

While I am losing weight Noah is just growing and growing!! He is such a cutie. We haven't weighted him yet but I measured him and he is some where in between 23 and 24 inches long. He moves a lot so its hard to tell. Now time for more pictures of our little man :)

 Bath time with Cousin Cortney! 

 She wanted to help wash him. It was so sweet. 

 He is dressed up today as a baseball player. So fun. 

See how long he is!!! And he is getting the baby chubb-ness. That means he will be going though a growth spurt soon. Thats what Sean and his mom say anyway. They said that thats how the Howell boys are. The get chubby and then they get tall. 

 He just loves sitting on his daddy. 

 This was just precious how tightly he was curled up on Daddy. Loves loves loves.

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