Friday, September 23, 2011

Make shift dinner

I just feel proud of the dinner I just made so I had to make a post about it. Adriana was kind enough to watch Noah while I was at work (mom is in Wyoming visiting Robyn and her new little baby Jeremiah). She decided to just hang out with us for the evening as well since Tim is at work tonight. I wanted to make meatloaf and I got it all ready, put it in the oven and let it "cook" for 10 minutes. Then Sean realized "oh yeah our oven is broken and the part hasn't come yet to fix it". At first I was pretty irritated because I was really looking forward to meatloaf. Then I had the genius idea! Lets just cook the meat on the stove. So we browned the meat and cut up some potatoes and fried them on the stove. It is delicious. In the meatloaf I had put oatmeal and onion powder so it had the perfect texture and taste. Adriana and Sean quite enjoyed it. Here is a picture of the masterpiece.

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