Thursday, September 8, 2011

Noah's Blessing

Sunday the 4th Noah was given the name in which he would be known in the church records, Noah Scott Howell, and a blessing. A blessing is given by someone who bears the Melchizedek Priesthood. A person who holds the priesthood has the power to act for Jesus Christ. Sean gave the blessing and in the circle to help with the blessing was: David Rogers (my dad), Mitch Howell (sean's dad), Roland Ellsworth (my grandpa) Corey Henning (brother in law), Justin Rogers (brother), Lorin Howell (sean's brother)

Gpa, Lorin, Mitch, Sean, Noah, Daddy, Justin, Corey
I love the priesthood! I know I say this all the time but its as true as the first time I said it. Did you know that in the Hebrew language they don't have a adjectives for things like good better and best? They just have good. So when they want to emphases something or show it's importance they repeat it. Well I guess I do the same thing because I tend to repeat important things. The priesthood is such a blessing. I'm so happy I have a worthy husband that can administer blessings to me and our family. Sean gave Noah the blessing but he was just the mouthpiece for our Heavenly Father. It was because of his faithfulness and worthiness that he knew what Heavenly Father wanted him to say. Noah was blessed to be strong in the gospel, to have the desire to read his scriptures and say his prayers, to be strong and healthy and to be intelligent. There was a lot more but I don't remember all that was said.

I'm so happy that our friends and family were there. Jessica and Kenny, Tim and Adriana, and Ben and Hillary came to the blessing. Its so great that they love us and Noah enough to come support us. Oh speaking of friends did I say that one of my best friends is pregnant! I can't remember if I did or not. So Adriana and Tim are expecting their first child in March. How exciting right! I love babies. I'm so very happy for them. It's great because I have been able to talk with her about pregnancy stuff and give her advice. Its also cool to see how different her experience is from mine. She is such a cute prego lady. I can't wait for her little one to come and be friends with our Noah.

So back to the blessing day. After the sacrament we took some pictures and then went to the rest of our meetings. Then after church we went to Amanda and Corey's house for the luncheon. Pretty much it was a wonderful day filled with the spirit and friends and family and lots and lots of love.

 Noah in the blessing outfit Mama made him.
 Four Generation Pictures there ^ and there v

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  1. I loved Noah's blessing! His outfit was really cute too :)
    I think it's a good thing that our pregnancies aren't exactly the same. I'm sure that more will come that'll be different!


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