Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Certified Infant Massage and Early Bonding Specialist

I took a course this past weekend to become a CIMEB Specialist. It was such a great class!
Did you know that many cultures massage their infants on a daily basis? It wasn't until 1980 that infant massage made a big showing in the U.S. After a bunch of research it was found that massage had amazing benefits on infants. No wonder people have been doing it for hundreds of hundreds of years, right. It was just instinct. In the 80's there was a study done with premature newborns that showed that infants given massage everyday for 10 days gained 47% more weight than infants given no massage. Both groups had the same formula, and care other than the massage. Massage helped their bodies absorb more insulin with helped them retain weight. It saved the hospital $3000 which today would be over $10,000! All because those babies were able to be released sooner from the hospital.

Infant Massage also helps with growth and development in the brain. Skin sensitivity is the earliest developed function and is the most crucial for all sensory system's overall healthy development.  Massage helps to activate the formation of synapses between brain cells. These connections will form pathways that will determine the childs ability to learn.

My favorite thing that massage benefits is the attachment and bonding between parent (or caregiver) and infant.  Prolactin is released when the mother touches the baby. This hormone is what starts the milk production and also it what gives the mother a feeling of nurturing.There is even a rise in the fathers prolactin levels when he is involved with touching their baby and this invokes his nurturing feelings as well.
For adopted or foster care children massage can be amazing for the bonding between the family. Infant massage on a daily basis can be a powerful tool to begin and re create the elements of bonding. Many foster/adopted children have numerous attachment traumas due to having many different caregivers and situations. Its important for adoptive parents to learn how to slowly integrate touch and massage for a child or baby who doesn't like touch.

I learned so much and in such a short period have grown a passion for the work. I have always loved massage and how it can truly heal people. Now I love it even more! Children need massage even more than adults do. The skin is a pretty amazing organ. I can't wait to put this new knowledge and skill into use. I have decided that I am going to direct my focus for my massage career in Prenatal and Infant Massage. I also some day want to be a Certified Childbirth Educator. I have such a passion for family and the bond we have. I want to help all families to strengthen that bond. I know that massage can do that. I am doing a class next month for friends and then soon after will start doing classes for the general public.

What do you have a passion for? I hope you are able to fully utilize your passion for the good of the world :) Go out there and live your passion!


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  1. That is very interesting, I had no idea about all this and how effective it is. I dont know what I have a passion for. Blogging maybe. Taking pictures. Maybe I should figure this out!


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