Friday, August 10, 2012

Noah the pre-toddler

Noah is growing such a big personality lately. He is really able to show more of who he is and we are loving every minute of it! He is in the stage in between a baby and a toddler. I think the definition of a toddler is a child that is more active and walking? Maybe? Well Noah is on the verge of walking but not quite there yet, so I refuse to call him a toddler yet. Also its just sad to think of him as no longer a baby. He will always and forver be our baby. So what has he been up to lately? Here ya go:

He clicks his tongue all the time. Its so stinkin cute. I have to get a picture of the face he makes when he does it. Also he makes this nose and eye scrunched up face sometimes and breathes heavily. It makes every crack up! Its mostly when he is trying to do or get something and its not working out how he planned.
Noah did pull ups with daddy yesterday morning! Seriously!! Sean was doing pull-ups and Noah stood up against the wall reaching for daddy and the bar. So Sean decided to oblige and help Noah out. He held him up to the bar and Noah actually grabbed and held onto the bar. The he made motions with is arms like he was trying to pull himself up, just like he saw daddy do. He wants to be buff like his daddy :) Such a sweet baby. I love how he is learning so much from Sean. He is the worlds best daddy.

Noah also likes "reading" books. He will hold the books just like mommy and daddy do and stare at the words and pictures on the pages and turn the pages one by one. He can be entertained with a book for minutes on minutes. May not sound like long but for a child thats a pretty long time. They tend to get distracted easily.

He climbed out of the playpin at grandma's house recently. He is such a little James Bond, always up to something. It looks like we will have to lower the crib again so he doesn't do any surprise escapes in the middle of the night.

He still loves climbing the stairs and does so in Olympic fashion. If there was a gold medal for fastest stair climbers Noah would win hands down. The boy has no fear! He also just recently (last night) learned how to climb down the stairs. He goes down on his belly. I haven't seen it yet but Sean was there to witness the awesomeness that is our Noah going down those stairs.

He loves to kiss and cuddle mama and dada. We in return love love love it! He is such an affectionate soul. He loves to be loved and loves even more to show it.

Everyday Noah learns a new face to make. He is so expressive. He moves his eyebrows and nose and even his checks and ear seem to move according to his current mood.

Noah absolutely loves MUSIC! He responds so strongly to it. If its a beat he enjoys he will dance to it. If not he just sits there. Most music he enjoys, especially daddy's music. He loves Train, Matchbox Twenty, Mat Kearney, Mumford & Sons, Zac Brown Band.  He bobs his head back and forth and side to side to the beat. He sways his body and has a big grin on his face. Man we love our little musical boy.

He still shakes his head whenever we say no. But then still goes for whatever we were saying no to. He loves to test his boundaries. Rebel baby. He is getting better at it though. Its now for the most part down to us only saying no twice until he stops and goes for something else.

Growing Vocab! - Words he says now include: Mama, Dada, Dad, Mom, Again, Ball, Cat (once), No, Hi.  He also has a lot of unofficial words too. He will mimic things we say but not really the word, just the sound of it. Sean will grab Noahs nose and say "honka" and Noah will say "honka" back! So funny to watch. Noah now likes to grab mama's nose too.

So thats Noah in a nutshell lately. We are excited to see more and more of him show through as he learns to express himself even more.

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