Thursday, August 2, 2012

Family Fun in Florida

You know you love the alliteration. We had a great time on our vacation! On fathers day Sean called his dad and wished him a happy day and at that time Mitch, Sean's dad, offered to fly us out to spend some time with him and his wife Joan. We very happily accepted. Joan had never seen Noah in person and Mitch had only seen him once. We were so excited for Noah to see his Grandpa and Grandma. And of course to have some time off work and just have fun as a family. Yay for relaxation!!

Our flight left at 9:55pm on July 25. It was a perfect time because Noah slept the whole way there. If you ever fly with an infant I suggest you do a night flight for sure. He didn't even need to suck on a bottle or pacifier, his ears just popped on their own. He was a lucky baby. We were even more lucky parents and had a nice relaxing flight. It was a 4 hour flight but went pretty quickly.

As you can see, Noah was tired and already getting ready to go to sleep even before we boarded the plane. 

Mitch and Joan picked us up and we basically slept the whole hour it took from Orlando to Vero Beach. We were so tired! Its pretty hard to sleep on a plane if your not a baby. We stayed with them from the 26th to August 1st. I'm sad Noah wont remember it since he is so young but I know he will like being able to see pictures and read about it later. Sean and I had such a great time and really enjoyed the time spent together and getting to know Mitch and Joan better. They are pretty funny! I see so much of Mitch in Sean. Joan just cracks us up too. She just says whatever is on her mind. Noah took a couple hours to warm up to them but when he did he just loved him and would even reach out for them sometimes. They were great hosts. When we wanted to just sit and chill we did, then when we got restless and wanted things to do we did.

Things that kept us entertained:

  • Watching the Olympics
  • A treasure museum

  • Naps, Playing on facebook, ESPN, Netflix and other various technological fun things

  • Kayaking 

 We had a race, I won! But as you can see just barely. Sean tried to attack me. 
Funny side note. I asked how to spell kayak at one point and Mitches response was "its like Mississippi but with k's and y's."  

  • The Botanical Garden

 So Beautiful right?!

This leaf was as big as Noah. He thought it was pretty cool. Even tried to eat it. 
  • Feeding the Sandhill birds. Sean liked to call them giant turkeys. 

  • Watching Noah play and just be cute

 He loved the tall lush grass!

Noah loved playing horsey on Joans foot. 

  • Talking about old times of when Sean and his siblings were growing up

  • The Beach of course! 

 Noah loved loved loved the beach! He kept trying to crawl into the ocean! haha silly baby
 Noah's hair even looks good when its wet! Still standing up to the sky. lol
 Father Son walk on the beach
 Sean was boogie (?) boarding. He was pretty good at it after awhile. 
Sean and Mitch stared at these crabs for a good 20 minutes talking about them. They thought they were just the coolest thing. Men are funny. 

  • Chick-fil-a 
 Supporting the Traditional Family and First Amendment Rights! 
 The wait was 45 minutes so Sean and I took Noah to the kiddy carousel. He was all smiles. 

 We stopped by the Temple in Orlando just in time to snap a photo and then rush to the airport. 

The flight back was even more of a breeze than the first! The plane left at 8:35pm and landed in Arizona at 9:50pm. It was a 4 hour flight but there is a 3 hour difference. Noah slept on the seat between Sean and I they whole way there. Well almost. We had to take a few pictures first. After take off he went to sleep.  The lady that had a seat next to Sean asked to be moved. She was really nice about it. I think she might have been worried about Noah making a lot of noise but also she wanted us to have enough space. We were very appreciative. 

We were so grateful to them for having us. It was so great and just what we needed. Some family fun and relaxation. 


  1. I would love to go to Florida someday! What a great family vacay :)

  2. I've always wanted to go to Florida, looks like such a fun time! I love all those adorable beach photos :)

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