Thursday, August 16, 2012

Preggie Sisters!

Guess what!? Both my sisters are pregnant! Isn't that so fun? haha. So my oldest sister Amanda has 1 daughter, Cortney, that is now 2 1/2. She tried for her for almost 2 years! Now she has been trying for this pregnancy for over a year and was starting to think that maybe she just wasn't going to be able to get pregnant again. Turns out she is and did! Amanda and Corey couldn't be happier. We are all elated. Cortney doesn't really understand that she is getting a sister or brother yet but I'm sure she will soon.

My second older sister is also all preggiefied too! Our family found out about both of them on the same day. Robyn lives in Wyoming. Her and Carlos have been trying for a couple months now. They wanted their babies super close in age. Guess they will have to settle for a little under 2 year gap. She is the sister that was pregnant at the same time as me last year. Now she and Amanda get to share a pregnancy. Its such a fun way for sisters to bond. Both getting fat and uncomfortable and having each other to complain and vent to and share in all the wonderful things of pregnancy as well.

Amanda is about 8 1/2 weeks and Robyn is 7 1/2 weeks. I think? So the due dates are in April and March. Its going to be a great Spring filled with babies!! Yay! Us Rogers girls make super cute babies.


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