Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fuzzy Blanket

Does your baby have a security blanket or toy?

Sean and I talked about this long before we had Noah. We didn't want our child to be attached to any certain item so much to the point that he needed it. We didn't want to have to have that burden of always bringing that item where ever we went. Goodness forbid we loose it and then have to have an all out search rescue to find it that ends up taking 20 minutes every time we leave the house. Also actually permanently losing said item would no doubt be a huge ordeal with tears and sadness. We have done a pretty good job of making sure Noah didn't grow any strong attachement to a security blanket. We wanted him to be able to sleep without having the same item with him every time. To ensure this we always change out the toys and blankets he  has in his crib.  We thought we had completely skipped out on the whole security blanket fiasco.

Until now. . . But its not half as bad as that situation we tried to avoid. Noah loves his fuzzy soft blankets. He has 4 of them and we have a queen size one on our bed. He loves to cuddle them while he falls asleep. He will wrap his face in it and snuggle and groan and make silly noises until he just goes out into dreamland. If we go somewhere new or need him to fall asleep some where other than his crib we know how to handle it. The answer is always : Give him a fuzzy blanket. It makes for an easy night. He will still sleep with out it most nights with no problem. But if he is having a tough night or has a bad dream and can't get back to sleep then it's security blanket to the rescue!

So we are pretty grateful he has made an attachment to those blankets. Best thing is, its not a certain blanket. So if we forgot to bring one or lost it or whatever we can just get another one no problem. Fuzzy blankets are basically lovely. We are happy that Noah has something to help make him feel safe and secure.

He is almost pacifier free. He still has it on occasional nights. He never has it during the day. The only reason we haven't taken it from him completely is because we don't want him to find a replacement with his thumb instead. We were given this advice from a wise parent of 4, Grady Werner. He has a son who when they took away the pacifer too soon started sucking his thumb. This is a much worse habit seeing as how you can't take away a thumb. Also the thumb is hard and messes up teeth worse than what a pacifer can. One of the nights we took away Noah's pacifer we saw this evidence. He was sucking his thumb! My first thought was something like "aww what a sweetheart. Thats adorable!" Yes it may look so sweet and adorable and precious but then you think about the damage to teeth and its no longer any of those things. Instead its just a bad habit that ends up costing loads of money in the end. We think Noah is losing interest in the pacifer on his own anyway. That will be so great if he stops using it on his own. I can't believe how much he is growing up already.

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