Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Small One

We are back from our vacation in Florida! It was a blast! More on that to come in another post. (hint, there will be lots of pictures)

So on our first day home Noah had his 1st year check up and shots. I unfortunately needed to be at work so Sean took him alone. He was as always a trooper for his shots.

Now for the stats. He is 29 1/2 inches long and 17 pounds 14 ounces. That puts him below the 3%. He has been in the the 3% pretty much his whole life so there was never a big issue with it but now that he has dropped lower than his own growth chart the doctor is concerned. He said no more juice or water, only milk or pediasure. He also wants us to put butter in his food to help get more fat on him. He said that he wants him to see a stomach doctor and take an allergy medicine that has the side effect of making him hungry more often. The first two I'm fine with, but putting him on a medicine makes me a little uneasy. I hate all the other side effects medication tends to have. I put Noah's health above all but if the medicine isn't a must for him I don't want to do it. If he can gain the weight with out the extreme of a allergy medicine than thats what I prefer. Sean and I discussed it and decided that we want to first try the other stuff  and see how that works before moving on to other solutions.

Maybe Noah is just going to be a small guy. I'm pretty small and Sean was always small growing up. He has since bulked up with eating more and weight lifting. He could just have a fast baby metabolism. We shall see. He is otherwise and happy healthy baby. He eats quite a lot, two big jars every meal and on top of that what ever we are eating. He always has loads of energy and loves to play. We will pray and talk to the doctors and see what would be best for our small baby man.

Can you believe Noah is 1?! It seems to have just gone so fast. We are so grateful for him in our life. I love my Noah bug.

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  1. That's crazy that he is 1 already! Wow. Yea, I agree, I would try the other stuff first before putting him on any kind of medication. I hate when Dr's just want to through meds at a problem and it might not even be a problem at all. Everyone's different and they can generalize to an extent but it cant be the case for everyone 100% of the time. Great idea to pray about it..I'm sure Noah will be fine but that's just me talking, I'm not a mom yet so what do I know :p hehe


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