Monday, September 3, 2012

Mall Fun

My sister Amanda and her husband Corey take their daughter Cortney to the mall about every week or so to play in the play area with the other kids. This last week Noah and I went with them. Noah really enjoyed it this time. We have been before but Noah was still too small to really care about the other kids or things to play on.

Cortney and Noah just love each other. 

 Cortney likes to move Noah around like he is her doll sometimes. He is getting older so he fights back sometimes. haha
 We went on the carousel for the first time. At first he really seemed to enjoy it. 
 He quickly changed his mind as it went a little faster. I think the up and down and the going around at the same time was too much for him. He wailed til I got him off the zebra.

 Cortney is no novice to the carousel so she had a fun time. 

We moved to the tea cup and he did just fine. No horses for him til he gets used to the movement. Doesn't he just look like such a big boy!?

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