Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Update of Howell life

We just got new callings in our ward. It took 7 months but we finally got one haha. We have been called to be Nursery teachers. So that means that Noah gets to go to nursery 5 months early. Fun for him! He gets snack time and a lesson (he just plays on the floor during this but I'm sure some of it seeps in his mind) and playtime. We have 7 kids in our class. They are a really chill group of kids. It's going to be a fun calling.

Sean started school last week. He is enjoying it so far. He likes all of his classes and thinks he should get great grades this semester. He is going to have to try harder in his Spanish 3 class than others but he is still confident that he will do well. Sean has taken up playing the guitar. He really enjoys playing and teaching himself. I have arrange with a friend to trade lessons for massages. He is a music major and wants to go on to play classical guitar for studio's I believe. He is pretty amazing with the guitar so I'm excited for Sean to learn from him and be able to enhance his skills.

I am doing more massages lately and I'm getting a website made! My friend is going to do it for a really good deal. I just have to pay $50 for the guy he uses for the design and then I'm trading him massages for his work with the set up and html stuff. I did my first class for infant massage. I had three friends (Melissa, Hillary and Adriana) and their sweet babies come to it. They said that I did pretty well but that if they were paying for it they would have wanted more information on the benefits and background of massage. So I will work on that for the next one. I'm so excited to add this to my services. I also inquired about a workshop to become a Certified Childbirth Educator. The class should be in November this year so I will definitely be signing up for that. Work is going fine. Just the same work as usual. I'm doing better with being a working mama. I still have my days that are just hard in which I just vent and cry to Sean and he makes me feel better.

Thats basically what we have been up to. That and lots of family time. We go on walks, swimming, and have tickle fights often.

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