Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wind of Change

So did I tell you we are trying to have a baby? Yep we are. Last time we got pregnant the first month of trying. It has now been a month but I'm pretty sure its a bust. I should be having the flow of truth coming tomorrow. We shall see. I shouldn't be disappointed though considering it takes a normal healthy couple a year or so to conceive. That of course doesn't mean I'm not getting my hopes up. I just want to have another cute baby. Noah needs a sibling. I will let you know when it happens.

In other news. Since my sister Amanda is preggers Sean and I have decided that we probably need to find other child care arrangements before she has her baby. My mom is currently watching both Noah and Amanda's daughter Cortney, during the day. I know my mom is willing to watch all three (four when I have one, whenever that may be) but I don't think she is really wanting to. She will say she is because she is a caring selfless woman who loves her grandchildren. But she has raised her children. She deserves to just relax and have "me" time during the day. Sean and I don't want to be a burden on her. So that leaves us on a quest for affordable child care for one possibly two babies. Let it begin.

Did you know we are moving in December. Where, we don't know. We will have our car paid off in October and then we will be able to save enough money to pay for move in fees for an apartment of our own. With out the car payment we will be able to save a couple hundred a month. YAY! For self reliance and savings! We have always paid a good amount of rent where ever we have lived and it is a huge blessing to be able to have family and friends to live with but we are super excited for the time to be on our own again. There is just something special about having your own space. Still I'm nervous for the move. I hope we are able to find a nice, cheap two bedroom apartment soon.

*Howell Happenings update*

Sean is doing well in his classes. Did you know that he is doing 17 credit hours? I just found out. Silly me. In case you don't know 12 hours is full time. That means he is superman and doing over full time school. Yeah, my husband is a super hero. So far his favorite class is his Developmental Psychology. He gets to learn how children develop, from conception all the way to teenage years. He was afraid for his Spanish 3 class but so far he is doing really well and feels pretty confident. Sean has had 2 private guitar lessons now. He is loves it. He is getting really good at it. I'm proud of my rock star.

I'm still just working away at Cushman. I've been having a hard time because it seems like I am expected to do more than my fair share of work. I end up doing my work and then having to help out my co worker with hers too. Its kind of irritating. She is a cool girl and I get along with her great. I just feel taken advantage of. My boss is always asking me to help her out so she can finish at the same time as me and my other co worker. The thing is, she just very recently started to come into work at the same time as us. So I don't understand why I need to help so she can get off early. I don't like to cause problems so I haven't said anything. When ever I'm done with my work I'm expected to help out but I have seen her sit on her computer for an hour not doing anything and not be asked to help out. Yet as soon as I finish my work load, sometimes even before, I am asked to go grab some of her work. ugh! To say the least it is causing some work anxiety for me. I have had 3 anxiety attacks in the last month. Its getting ridiculous. Not all pertaining to work. There are a lot of stressors with family, work, and things in life I can't change. I have never had anxiety before but they are really common lately. I need to figure out how to make my brain and body stop. Sean is a big help in getting me to calm down and relax. I love him so much! I'm thinking more prayer and trust in the lord is needed though.  I need to do my best and then put it in His hands and trust that all will be well in the end. I have more to write on this matter later. So,   I am doing a consistent amount of massages which means more money to pay off the car. Its pretty nice. I also enjoy the precious time I get to spend with my Sean and Noah. We make sure we get a couple hours together before bedtime and homework time. Sean and I have date night every week now. We are pretty good at keeping that time just for us. We want to be sure to continue to enrich our marriage even with having a baby. I just love him so much! I am blessed to have such a caring, thoughtful husband. And Noah is blessed to have parents that are so deeply in love :)

Noah is just cute as a button. He gets more and more handsome by the day. I love how him and Sean have the same bone structure. They look so much alike. I just love my boys. Noah likes to stand up while daddy is feeding him. He starts out sitting nicely in his high chair eating his meal. Then he gets bored and stands up like king kong on a building. Then Sean just feeds him standing. Its a funny sight to see. Noah also enjoys standing up and putting his arms up over his head with whatever toy he is playing with in his hands and walking a couple steps whilst squeeling out of pure baby excitement. He loves to babble with a mixture of his known words and his made up baby talk. He is a sweetheart.

So thats us lately!

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