Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New things

Noah has been doing a lot of new things as of late. He is almost a walker. Right now he is more of a stepper still. He is getting better with his balance. Its mostly just that he knows he can get some where faster by crawling right now. He gets such a happy face when he stands and takes a couple steps. When he stands up he claps so proudly! He loves to hold mommy and daddy's hands and walk in between us. Also he almost has a full mouth of teeth. At first he hated it when we brushed his teeth but now he isn't so against it. As with everything with a child its a hit and miss thing. If we brush our teeth first then try to do his he is more happy about it. He has added a couple words to his vocabulary as well. He says kitty, hey!, and bye bye. He is working on getting grandma. Sometimes it sounds like he says it but not quite. Oh and he said Andrea the other night when she came over to hang out.

Noah has such a fun personality. He is very adamant about what he wants. If he is hungry he is very hungry and wants the food right away. If he decides he doesn't want to sit there he just wont. Its quite funny. Its nice that he is so self aware. He loves when people laugh and will just laugh right back with them. He gets a kick out of making others smile. Also he loves attention. He does things just to make others look at him. He gets pretty shy around new people though. He is going through a separation anxiety stage right now as well.  He gets so worried any time Sean and I leave a room even for just a moment. When we leave him with one of  his grandma's or aunts he gets really upset and cries for 10 or 15 minutes until he gets distracted by something fun. He is such a loving child and loves to cuddle and snuggle. I hope he doesn't out grow that ever. I love my snuggle bug. He also loves to tough and grab colorful things. We can hold him up to the light fixture in our living room and he will play with it for so long and not get bored.

I put him down for a nap this week and came in to check on him after 10 minutes of laying him down. This is what I saw:
 He ripped off his diaper and then fell right asleep. I guess it was hot in his room. We usually put shorts over his diaper when he naps because we feared he would do this but I forgot this time. It was such a funny thing to see. He is such a sweetheart. haha babies butts are just darn adorable as well.  I didn't want to wake him up to put the diaper back on. He had missed his morning nap and really needed to go to sleep. If we wake him up most of the time he won't go back to sleep so I chose to chance it and just let him sleep. When he did wake up of course the bed was full of pee. I had to wash his animals, sheet and blanket. It was worth him napping his full hour though.

This is just another cute sleeping picture. He moves around his entire crib while he sleeps. This is just one of the positions I found him in recently.

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  1. aw, so cute! It's fun to hear updates about Noah. Someday maybe I'll get to meet him!


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