Friday, November 16, 2012

Green Bean

Noah had another regular doctor appointment on Thursday. He had to get his shots too along with the usual check up stuff. I unfortuanately had to be at work so just Sean was there. Good thing he is a tough daddy and does better with them than I do. Noah was a trooper as usual but his arm is still bothering him. The doctor said that it will be more sore and tender than the last shots because of one of them he got. We have to massage it and get the stuff to move out of just his arm. I'm not sure why but I'm not a doctor so I trust them. Other than his arm hurting when we have to do the massages he is just fine though. A little bit of fussiness but that goes away when he gets his tyenol. He is a giggly cuddly little dude and we love it. He was weighted and measured and his doctor as given him the offical diagnosis of "skinny boy" haha. He is still in the 3% which is where he has consistantly been. He weights 19lbs 8 oz and is 32 inches tall. So he is our little green bean, tall and skinny.

Noah has been up to a lot lately. He has added a couple words to his vocab. New words are Stop, Sit, Down, Ashes, Wuff and Nanma (grandma). And to Sean's delight he has started saying Daddy again. For a couple weeks he had stopped saying Daddy and was calling Sean Mama. haha. His favorite word right now is Stop. He says it all the time. I don't think he knows the real meaning of it because he just says it all the time haha. He sings Ashes, Ashes, Down. Elizabeth (sean's mama) discovered he was singing 'ring around the rosies'. Because he will toddle back and forth saying Ashes and then sit down and say Down. When he see's a dog he says Wuff! The funny word he says is Sit. He has a lisp sometimes and it sounds like another word with an "H" in it. haha He is not saying that word though. We will tell him to sit down when he is eating so he says that a lot as well. Also instead of grandma he says Nanma. He gets so excited to see his Nanma's.

Noah is such the cuddle bug! Sean and I love it! Every morning one of us goes and gets him and he lays in bed with us for a while before we decide to get up and Noah will cuddle into us and squeeze our faces and necks. When we say kisses he will lean in and slober on our face too. Such a sweetheart! I can tell he is going to be a very kind loving boy.

He will take his tounge and stick it out and make noises pulling it in and sticking it out. haha He loves his tounge. He also is still a music buff. He bops his head to music and sways back and forth. He even has gotten his arms into the dancing lately too! We think whatever he ends up doing in life music will probably always have a place in his heart. He just connects to it in such a strong way. He loves the hymns too. Thats his favorite part of sacrament meeting. And he has to have music playing in the car.  But if a song comes on he doesn't like he will let us know. He gets upset and whins til we change it haha.

Sean and I are so very in love with our Noah bug.


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