Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week 8

This is the 8th week of pregnancy with baby Howell of the second variety. I got to say being pregnant the second time is a lot different than the first but with some similarities. I have been crazy sick still this past week and it is definitely worse than it was with Noah. I don't have as much energy because I'm not getting much in my body since I throw most everything I eat up. I am trying to keep up with everything though. I am so grateful for Sean filling the gap. Being a full time working mama and wanting to be a full time mom when I am home gets pretty tough. I haven't been changing many diapers lately. Sean is the most perfect daddy and husband. I swear I have changed maybe 3 diapers this whole week. All 3 of them were promptly thrown up into so naturally Sean has stepped up to the plate and taken over diaper duty til I can handle it. Noah has been super clingy lately which is pretty cute. I think he can sense there is change a foot. He likes to grab at my belly and say baby! He doesn't realize what he is saying though. At least I'm pretty sure. He just does it because I always tell him I'm growing him and daddy a baby in my belly and point to my belly. This baby is so loved already. So far I haven't had any real cravings yet. I'm sure they will be coming soon though. I haven't gained any weight yet but my belly is sticking out a tid bit. Everyone says you get big sooner with the second so I guess that proves that theory. I got a prescription from the doctor last week to help with my morning sickness. It was $10 for 12 pills! Insanely expensive. Thank goodness for insurance otherwise it would have been more like $7 a pill. I am trying to ration them out and only use them when its really bad. Its hard to tell because it seems to be really bad a lot. I hope it goes away soon. Only a month til I'm in the second trimester and hopefully morning sickness free. So thats the recap of the last week pertaining to baby growing. love you little baby! Keep growing!

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