Friday, November 9, 2012

Armenta Clan!

My sister Robyn and her hubby Carlos and adorable son Jeremiah came to visit the family last week. The main reason they came was to see Grandpa Roland because of his poor health. He is doing alright but not great. He is still on the breathing machine and getting radiation daily. But he is a trooper and we love him.

They got in on Sunday afternoon. After church Sean and I and Noah met the family at my parents house. We all drove over and had a pot luck at the grandparents house. The kiddos ate in the front yard on their kiddy table. Goodness it was so fun seeing all three of them playing together. It was fun having the preggie sisters all together too. Andrea LOVED having all the babies in her arms at the same time as well. She is such an amazing auntie and showers the babies with loves and kisses and tight tight squeezes.

Monday Andrea and I took the day off work so we could get all the sister family time in as we could. We just hung out all morning and afternoon at Amanda's house with them. Noah was super shy and wouldn't let Carlos hold him. Carlos at one point just poked him a little and Noah thought it was pretty funny. Then Noah saw there was a spot of paint stain on Carlos shorts and was trying to scratch it off. It was so funny to see him finally sitting close to him and not minding because he was so interested in the paint spot. Robyn got him to let her hold him for a little bit too. Noah is such a shy mama's boy its hard to get him to warm up to people he doesn't see often. Jeremiah was just happy to be held by anyone! He is such a sweet little guy. Scratch that little, he is actually quite hefty! He and Cortney both weigh 26 pounds while Noah is at 20lbs with clothes and shoes on. haha. Cortney was such a little mom. She would try to pick up Jeremiah and Noah and hold them. She also loved telling them what to do and which toys they could play with.

It was a short trip and they left Tuesday morning at 5am to visit with his family in Peoria before they flew back to Wyoming Wednesday night. I'm so glad we got some time with them and I finally got to hold Jeremiah again! Man I love my niece and nephew. I'm excited for Amanda's little guy to be born and Robyn's unknown baby too! Did I tell you Amanda found out she is having a boy? hhmmm I think I forgot to. She found out on Oct 23rd. Still no name yet. Robyn finds out Dec 3. Yay for babies!


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