Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween Mouse

Halloween was a blast! I actually had forgotten is was Halloween until I was on the way to work on Wednesday. Sean dropped Noah off at grandma's (my mama) for the day as usual. Then after work I went to my parents house. Noah was so happy to see me. It always melts my heart to see him toddle his way to me as soon as I walk in the door. That was the last day of Noah needing to have his stitches in so I had to take him back to the hospital to get them removed. Again it was a traumatic experience for the both of us. He had fun wondering around the waiting room and was in a happy mood. The carpet has different colored squares which Noah found captivating. He just loves contrasting colors. Then as soon as we were called back into the doctors office he flipped out! They shut the door and its like he was flooded with memory of the last time he was there. Nothing I did consoled him. They again had to swaddle him to keep him still for the procedure. The doctor had to try 3 times to get the stitches out because Noah was in such distress and screaming and moving his head. I had to be strong this time since I was the only one there with him this time. I said a prayer for the both of us to be comforted. Heavenly Father gave me strength through that. Its so hard to see your child in pain. I can say that as parents we have a small glimpse of what it is to be like God. We are in charge of taking care of our children and yet we have to let them go through things that will have them in pain sometimes. All we can do is be there for them and give them our love and comfort.

Right after they were done Noah lept up and into my arms. We cuddled for a good while before leaving that room. Then much to his delight he was rewarded with a dum-dum. By the time we got to my parents house again he was a sticky, happy, little mess. But that was ok because he is my little sticky mess. haha. I washed him up and my mom helped me put him in his mouse costume she made him. It was the most adorable little mouse I have ever seen! Cortney was Cinderella and Noah was Gus Gus. I went as a Doll, Andrea was a pirate, Corey was a doll, Amanda was an 80's chick, Mom was the scarecrow from wizard of oz, and Justin was his own creation which he calls "the dragon lord". Dad showed up late to the party so he was just a cable guy, as he was still in his work clothes. Sean didn't get out of school in time so he just met us at the house after the festivities.

We all had a fun time at my parents ward Trunk- or Treat. I even won the cake walk! I brought Sean some Chili and Hot dogs. Noah ate pretty well that night. A couple bites of chili and two hot dogs! My growing boy has a good appetite when the food is pleasing to him. Hot dogs are always a good dinner for him.

It was so fun to spend the night with my family. We all got a kick out of seeing Corney all dressed up and excited for candy and Noah just wondering around the cultural hall oblivious to the holiday but happy to be eating candy. He doesn't get candy very often so when he does its a real treat.


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