Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Surgery Day

Sean went in for surgery this morning. Noah spent the day with Grandma Rogers and Sean spent the day with Grandma Howell. The surgery was an in and out procedure but I was still nervous for it. He went in at 9am and was done around 10am. He was then discharged at 11:30am and went to his mom's house. He called when he got to the house. He was really out of it but said he was feeling fine. He basically slept the day away. Anesthesia makes a body super tired all day. Also his body healing up took a lot of energy out of him. I am sad I wasn't there during the day to take care of him but I'm grateful that his mom was there and that my mom watch Noah. We don't want to use up too much of my PTO so we decided it was best if I went in to work. After I got off I picked up Noah and we went to see Sean before bed. Noah just wanted to be held and picked up but Sean isn't allowed to pick up anything for 2 weeks. Sean gave him kisses and hugs. That seemed to help some but he still wanted to sit in his daddy's lap but Sean was too sore. We said goodnight to daddy and Noah and I went home. Sean didn't want to come home the first night because of the stairs. Its going to be weird to sleep in the bed alone. I miss my hubby.

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