Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Birthday Party for Noah

Warning: This is a picture filled post. 

Noah turned 1! Kay he actually doesn't turn one for two days but we celebrated his birthday early. We had his party on the 21st and it was a blast! As with everything we do there was a huge crowd.  ie. wedding, baby shower even Noah's birth haha. Noah has lots of fans.

Being that cute its no wonder everyone loves him so much :)

We couldn't decide between having a pool party or an indoor party so we just did both. It was actually planned pretty last minute. Procrastination is apparently how we do parties.  We had ideas of what we wanted but didn't actually put them into action til 3 days before the party. Still turned out a rockin' time though.Food was simple. We had hot dogs, chips, crackers and cheese platter, potato salad and fruit. Noah was a big boy and ate a whole hot dog, lots of fruit and a couple of chips. We even had a "Noah's Favorite Food" table.

I have an amazing friend who made the cake and even made a bunch of cake balls. Jessica rocks. Then I decorated it.

 It tasted great! If you can't tell that's a duck and some fish on it.
Jessica had planned on making the cake balls look like beach balls but then it turned out to be a little more challenging than she had thought. I tried and it crumbled. So she kept them plain. Still looked cute and tasted oh so yummy. 

Noah had a lovely day. Sean took the day off so the three of us just chilled the whole day. Then in the afternoon we headed off to Onda's house for the party. We all mingled and let the babies play together.
Now here is an overload of pictures. You were warned. . . 

 Noah loved the strawberry juice! So kind of Aunt Amanda to share hers.

Noah had fun splashing in the kiddie pool with his buddies Cortney and Spencer. 

 The men 

 Noah and I had a fun time in the pool. Sean isn't much of a swimmer fan so he elected to just let me play in the pool with our bug. 

 These pictures are so funny! One of the best parts of the evening was when a big gust of wind came and almost blew the canopy away! Every one jumped out of the pool and ran from inside the house to help take it down. Of course Andrea's first action was to document it with some pictures.

 Present Time!!

 That was the gift Sean and I bought for Noah. Its a bath time set with a boat and little fish and a fishing pole to grab them with. Noah played with it yesterday and today and loves it!

 Loves the elephant Great Grandma Nellie gave him.

Cake Time!!
 At first he wasn't really sure if he was allowed to grab at it.

So yummy! 

 He ate most of it til it was basically crumbs. Then decided he wanted to play with the plate and dumped the cake all over. such a silly guy

I can't believe our little baby is 1! (ok almost 1) This year has flown by so fast. I'm glad we soaked it up and have many memories to look back on. Noah has such a big personality now. He loves to smile and laughs all the time. We just love our Noah bug.

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