Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby Girl?!

We had the gender ultrasound this week. First of all that baby is a cute little thing. My mom and Cortney came to the appointment with Sean Noah and I. Noah and Cortney were pretty excited to see the little baby on the screen. My mom kept telling the baby to move more haha. Sean was being the referee of the children and still keeping an eye on the baby. He is good at multi-tasking. The baby was so stubborn the whole time! We are pretty sure its a girl but not 100% She kept her legs crossed at the ankles, at the knees, then she had her feet up above her head and still made it impossible to see her "gender parts" haha. We have a modest child. Noah did the same thing so I guess we should have expected it. Actually Sean totally did and he told me the night before we probably wouldn't be able to tell that day.

The tech was finally able to get a couple pictures and said she was unsure. She said that from one angle it looks like the baby is a girl but then from another angle it looks like it could be a boy. I don't know how these techs even tell when a child isn't being difficult. It all looks the same to me. The boy is apparently one bump and the girl is three bumps. Ya I couldn't tell. The tech said she didn't see a scrotum so she is pretty sure that the reason she was confused was that sometimes it just looked like one bump. She is pretty sure that my hormones made the baby girls lady parts swollen. Kinda weird. So she couldn't say for sure that it as a girl. But I had a dr appointment right after and Dr Hazzelrigg told a crying me (I just didn't want to leave without knowing for sure) and Sean that he is pretty sure its a girl as well. So we are going with GIRL! . . . At least until proven wrong haha. I have another ultrasound in a month. But yay for a girl :) We are naming her Rebekah Mae Howell. She was so silly. Every time the tech would poke my belly she would punch and kick. haha We love her.

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