Thursday, January 24, 2013

Making a difference

So a pretty cool thing happened today. This morning I checked my email and I had received one from a girl that was in the infant massage class that I took last year. She is about my age and married and expecting her first child June 1st. She said that she remembered me talking in class about my birth experience and how much I loved it. Her husband is in the military and will be deployed during the birth and she really wants to have a natural birth and not feel pressured to receive unnecessary interventions. I remember her from the class. We got along pretty well and connected right away. The class was about infant massage but during every break we ended up talking about child birth haha. She is a sweet girl. So back to the email. She said she wanted to get together soon and chat about my experiences and any advice I can give her to help her prepare for the experience she wants. So I emailed her back that I would love to. Now just waiting for a reply of when.

I just love educating people about their options with birth. I think now a days most people just think its all cookie cutter. You go into a hospital, the doctors do their thing, you have your epidural, you have a baby and your done. But it is so much more than that! Or at least it can be. Birth, although there is of course pain involved, is more than just pushing a baby out and the pain. You are working with your body (and hopefully with a loved one near by to help as well) to bring into this world a beautiful child you created. I don't know about everyone else but knowing that I worked to bring that child in and that I did it without drugs that can potentially harm him/her just brings me so much happiness. Also feeling the pain, though again not the greatest feeling in the world, just made me feel more apart of the whole process. I love being able to share my experience and help other woman see what they can have as well. I can't wait to someday be able to do this as a living. I want to be a child birth educator and a doula someday. I love being able to be apart of something and making a difference. This is something I truly have a passion for.

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